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             27 September, 2022

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Your Astrological Sign of the Zodiac

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2006-06-13 22:41:25     
Article by Taylor Collins

Astrology is the study and mapping of celestial planetary bodies on a given date, time and place for the purpose of determining their influence upon human events. Once the positions of the Moon, Sun, and the planets has been determined the cosmic forces emanating from these celestial bodies can be correlated and a horoscope can then be drawn and interpreted for an individual.

The individual is identified by their astrology birth chart and their astrological sign of the zodiac constellations. These can vary according to chinese astrology as compared to vedic astrology and western astrology, numerology and tarot astrology. In the eastern astrology the chinese zodiac sign and chinese horoscope are different from the western and vedic astrology while numerology and tarot astrology follow their ways.

Once your astrology charts, daily astrology reading and daily horoscope have been determined you can use them to help you make decisions about many things. Perhaps most important is your zodiac compatibility, astrology love signs, astrology compatibility and zodiac signs compatibility. Love horoscopes and astrology birth charts are used by many people to determine if somebody they know is an astrology match.

Aries * The Ram * March 21 - April 20

Taurus * The Bull * April 21 - May 21

Gemini * The Twins * May 22 - June 21

Cancer * The Crab * June 22 - July 22

Leo * The Lion * July 23 - August 21

Virgo * The Virgin * August 22 - September 23

Libra * The Scales * September 24 - October 23

Scorpio * The Scorpion * October 24 - November 22

Sagittarius * The Archer * November 23 - December 22

Capricorn * The Goat * December 23 - January 20

Aquarius * The Water Carrier * January 21 - February 19

Pisces * The Fishes * February 20 - March 20

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