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             10 August, 2022

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Golf Bags - What Other People Are Not Telling You About This Golf Equipment

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2009-01-05 04:58:44     
Article by Paul Kramer

You can spend a small fortune on vast tour bags, heavy powered trolleys and gadgets and gizmos in profusion. But remember that in any competition you may not have more than 14 clubs in your bag including your putter and that gadgets to help you judge distance or line up your shot are all illegal.

Golf Bags

Many regular golfers have two golf bags. One is designed to be placed on a trolley and will be of sturdy construction with ample pocket space to carry the necessary accessories. The other will be a lightweight bag for those days when the trolley cannot be used owing to wet conditions, or simply when the player fancies carrying his or her own clubs.

When buying a golf bag:

- make sure the zips are of good quality and not likely to break or seize up
- ensure there is a full hood that you can snap over the heads of the clubs when it is raining

Tees, Markers and other items

Most golf bags have plenty of room to carry items other than the clubs. In addition to golf balls, these accessories should include:

- Wooden or plastic tees. As the name implies, for use only on tee;
- A couple of ball markers to mark your ball on the green while you clean it before putting
- A pitch mark repairer so you can repair any divots caused by the ball thudding into the green
- a couple of towels: one to keep the grips dry in inclement weather; the other, which you can attach to your bag for ease of access, to clean your ball before putting and before driving off;
- A couple of pencils for filling in your scorecard
- A golf umbrella

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