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             16 January, 2021

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How To Hit The Ball Further - Keep A Solid Base

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2010-11-08 07:36:13     
Article by David L Cunningham, III

A lot of golfers are really strong and swing the club really well but do not hit the ball far. How come, you may ask. Well it's very simple, these strong, good swinging golfers are not keeping their knees spread apart from each other and as a result, are not able to create any leverage through which they can create power. Leverage is very important to power and distance, if you don't have leverage you won't have power. So what is leverage? Very simply, leverage is the ability to create separation and keep your height. The form of leverage that we are talking about in this article is keeping a solid base and keeping your height through your knees.

A solid base is important to hitting consistent shots, and hitting consistent shots is important to distance. A solid base means keeping your height, and this is achieved by keeping separation between your knees. Separation between your knees allows you to effectively and efficiently transfer your weight to your back foot on your backswing and through to your front foot on your downswing. This efficient transfer of weight allows you to load up on your backswing and release all that power on your downswing and crush the ball down the fairway.

A good drill that you can use to make sure you have a solid base is the basketball drill. It is a very simple drill. All it requires is a basketball, some golf balls, and a place to practice. All you have to do is place the basketball between your legs above your knees. You should be able to hit half shots and not have the ball fall. If the ball falls it means that you are not keeping a solid base throughout your swing.

If you use this drill and learn how to keep separation between your knees throughout your swing you will hit the ball further and play better. Good luck and happy golfing.

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