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             29 September, 2023


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Golf Swing Improvement (Popularity: )
No matter you is a professional player or an amateur, the swing improvement is always necessary to bring improvement in the game. Golf swing improvement is a step in the game that determines the direction of the golf, whether right or wrong. Perfection in the golf swing is therefore vital for every type of golfer. There are many effective manners to improve the golf swing. One of the major shot in ...

How To Hit The Ball Further - Keep A Solid Base (Popularity: )
A lot of golfers are really strong and swing the club really well but do not hit the ball far. How come, you may ask. Well it's very simple, these strong, good swinging golfers are not keeping their knees spread apart from each other and as a result, are not able to create any leverage through which they can create power. Leverage is very important to power and distance, if ...

The Basic Golf Swing (Popularity: )
The golf swing is a creation of a circle around a fixed point. Like when drawing a circle with a compass the radius will remain the same if the center point is not moved. If the circle is vertical the lowest point is directly below the center point. In the golf circle the lowest point would be the ground. The following will describe how that circle is altered in the golf ...

Driving the Ball - The Cure For Your Massive Slice (Popularity: )
That little white ball sure can cause a lot of frustration if we let it. One avenue in which this can occur is when we choose to drive the ball. Instead of heading straight for where we aimed, it takes on the characteristics of a Frisbee and slices off to the right into some form of roughage. Fortunately, we may be able to fix this with a minimum of fuss. Let's ...

Golf balls - Christmas special (Popularity: )
You've watched many golf star players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on television - and you also know the brand of Golf Balls or Golf Accessories they use. And you think they're good, right? You should be able to use the same brand of Golf Balls, Golf Putters or Golf Accessories and be good too, right? But No....You are wrong..!!! No matter how good a golfer may be, he ...

Desire Improved Golf Putters and Golf Balls (Popularity: )
Golf putters and golf balls are two main important golf accessories are in golf. Golf putters and golf balls used most in the game. Golf putters are like your companion in the game which used most in the game. As you know very well that golf balls are the premier and often used golf accessory for the golf. If someone wants to enjoy the golfing and feel comfortable while playing ...

How To- Golf Lessons Online and Learn To Play Simple Golf (Popularity: )
I have a question: Does Practice Make Perfect? Of the 98% of the players asked,,,,,the answer was, "Of Course!" Could it be the correct answer??? So, that leaves the other 2% that answered otherwise... Why did the other 2% not agree with "Practice Makes Perfect"? Is it possible that they know something you don't? Hi, this is Stephen. I am a veteran golfer of over 20yrs. For many years, I have taught golf instructions and ...

Escape Trouble With the Chunk and Run (Popularity: )
Trapped in deep rough around the green? Getting out of unusually deep green side rough is easier than you may well think. Employ the Chunk and Run to leave yourself on the putting surface. This shot will roll quite a distance so it will be tricky to control the length, but the secret here is to get out of trouble and grant yourself a reasonable putt. Stick to this method and ...

A Straight Left Arm - Why Your Golf Swing Depends on It (Popularity: )
One of the first pieces of swing wisdom a beginning golfer hears is that you have to keep your left arm straight. What that means, and how it's expressed in a good golf swing, requires accurate interpretation. Let's talk first about what a straight arm is. If you stand up and let your arm hang at your side, you'll see there's a slight bend at the elbow. In terms of how ...

Alignment in the Golf Swing - Advice For the Beginning Golfer (Popularity: )
Did you ever try to drive a nail into a board? On the first swing you missed the nail and left a dent in the board. On the next swing you hit the edge of the nail, bent the nail, and left another mark on the board. Now you can claw the nail out and start again. You can also listen to your spouse make jokes and derisive remarks. We ...