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How to Fix a Slice

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2007-05-07 10:33:21     
Article by Nicholas Sy

Most golfers slice, this means that when the ball is hit it starts to the left of the target and finishes well to the right of the target. Most slices occur because the player is aiming to the right of the target. When golfers do this, their swings have to compensate so that the resulting shots will finish close to the target.

In most cases, when a player is compensating their brain realizes that if they swing along their aim, the ball will fly to the far right side of the target. This resulting flurry of arms and legs isn't a pretty sight, and inevitably neither is the shot. After a while, this weak, left to right ball flight pattern turn the golfers game into a slicing hell. Slices don't go very far because they are horrible weak shots that will affect your game for years to come.

Golfers that are suffering with this problem tend to use too much body action and not enough hand action.

If you are having problems slicing, you need to get your hand working properly in your swing. You should address the ball as you normally would. Then you should turn your whole body until your butt is directly in line with the target, and your feet are perpendicular to the target line. Then you should twist your upper body to the left so that you can place the head of your club behind the golf ball.

When you are doing this you need to pay attention to your feet, and make sure that you do not move them. By placing your body in this position you are making it impossible for your body to turn to the left when you are taking your swing. The only way you are going to be able to swing the club through the ball is by using your hands and your arms when you swing.

Try to hit the ball a few times in this position, and focus on letting the toe of the clubhead pass by your heel before impacting the golf ball. You will notice a huge difference in the flight pattern of your ball. This change is a result of your hands and arms rotating during your swing. This causes the clubhead to close as you are swinging through the impact area, and the spin that you are imparting on the ball causes it to fly left to right.

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