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             17 May, 2021

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Smoking Lungs - Who is to Blame For Smoking Lung Cancer

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2008-11-29 07:01:16     
Article by Maryanne Nyambura

The media would like for you to think that smoking causes lung cancer. That fact is so far from the truth that the public actually believes the hype and blames the cigarette, an inanimate object, for the increase in smoking lung cancer. The only thing that can relate the habit to smoking lungs is your choice to stick that next cancer stick between your lips.

Maybe you started this habit because it was cool. Maybe you wanted to be like the other people around you and peer pressure took over. The reason for starting smoking is irrelevant, the fact remains that you are smoking today because you chose to start. Stopping needs to be just as easy as it was to start, that is why there are people all over the Internet and in the medical community that pride themselves on giving people stop smoking help today.

Yes, the smoke in the lungs and the chemicals in the blood stream do increase the chance of getting lung cancer, but those cigarettes do not smoke themselves. You have to pick one out of the pack, light the cigarette and draw on the filter over and over again. The cigarette does not tell you to do this, your mind does!

In order to stop the chance of contracting lung cancer related to smoking is to quit today. So you are the one in charge of whether or not you get one of this smoking diseases. There is no one else you can blame for increasing the chance of dying from a condition that strips you of your ability to breath.

Smoking does not cause lung cancer, people choosing to smoke and choosing not to quit the habit are the ones that cause smoking lung cancer by the thousands every day and the millions every year.

You too can totally quit smoking and avoid the risk of getting smoking lung cancer just like the many ex-smokers who have used the Quit Smoking Today Program and stopped this harmful habit.

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