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Why is Telemarketing Legal?

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2008-10-15 08:56:14     
Article by Dwayne Eisen

As annoying as telemarketing can be, these kinds of calls are perfectly legal with the general freedom to advertise, as long as they do so only within certain guidelines set forth by the federal government, which you can find out more about using caller complaint websites. You can find out more about a telemarketer with these services, as well as the experiences that others have had with the same organization.

Telemarketers are only allowed to call phone numbers that are considered a matter of public record, and listed in free national directories, unless you have a previous business contract with them permitting them to use another number. In these circumstances, you might receive telemarketing calls to unlisted or even cell phone numbers. One of the first steps to stopping telemarketing calls is being careful about who you give your phone number to.

There are a few other guidelines for telemarketing calls, and you learn all about them using caller complaints websites. This service collects reports about annoying telemarketers, so you can search it to find out more about a telemarketer. Even if the telemarketing calls you are receiving are perfectly legal, you can still take action by posting caller complaints. Any number mentioned in a post or formal complaint is blacklisted to warn other phone customers about annoying numbers.

Telemarketing is legal, but there are many ways to get ahead of such annoying and unsolicited callers. There is a national do not call list to which you can add your number, and many ways to report unethical telemarketers to the proper authorities. No matter what you later do about telemarketing, the first step is to find out more about a telemarketer online using caller complaints websites. From there, you can take communal action against annoying telemarketers through official complaints, posts, and blacklists.

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