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Gold Calling

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2007-07-19 11:00:46     
Article by James Neill

For all of us who have sat in front of the phone at 8:00 on a Monday morning with a list of new contacts to call. We know the feeling in the pit of our stomach.

A fear of impending rejection. What we also know is that cold calls work.

My mathematical formula is 70 connected calls equals 2 interviews. 4 interviews equals one sale. One sale is worth X amount.

So cold calls takes an amazing amount of work to make it work.

One thing I have learned is start calling cold calls, Gold Calls. This word replacement makes all the difference in the world. It puts the emphasis on the desired result instead of the burden. And when you really think about it you are making money sooner or later on the calls you make. So keep the focus on the Gold not the Cold.

Second, rehearse your copy lines to say on the phone. Then put it down. Just use it for a refresher so you'll keep sounding natural on the phone.

Third, remember what the famous Psychologist William James said. Use the "as if" principle. Act as if, you got the interview.

Fourth, if it's to be it's up to (put your name here). In other words, force discipline on yourself to be a big producer of Gold Call Effort.

Fifth, remember to just sell the interview and make sure you are selling the interview to the qualified buyer of your product.

Then let me leave you with this thought. Don't let rejection hold you back. This is just a numbers game. You make the numbers and you win the prize.


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