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             27 June, 2022

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How to Develop a Pet Sitting Business Brand

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2008-10-04 04:44:01     
Article by Danielle Chonody

What Is a Brand?

A brand can come in the form of a name, sign, term, symbol, design or any combination of these. It is what sets your pet sitting business apart from your competition and convinces customers that yours is the only pet sitting business that can meet their needs.

Why Is Creating a Brand Important?

Brands can speak for your pet sitting business in short, memorable terms. It represents what your business is about its potential to deliver its service. Increasing credibility, motivation to buy, customer loyalty and emotional connections with buyers can all be achieved by creating the perfect brand for your business. In many respects, a brand is a representation of potential customers' experiences with your pet sitting business and can influence the perception of it within the market and in potential customers' eyes.

How Do You Define Your Brand?

Consider what your pet sitting business has to offer your target market and how it stands out from the competition. Ask yourself these questions:

• Who is your target market comprised of? What are their wants and needs? How does your pet sitting business meet these wants and needs when others can't? Consider the pet sitting services that you are willing to provide your target market that others do or will not.

• What specializations does your company have? Do you care for exotic pets or specific breeds of animals?

• What are your pet sitting company's goal, mission and values? How are they similar to your target market's? Is your business' main goal to provide quality pet sitting services for the elderly? Is your mission to provide green, healthy pet sitting care? Are you dedicated to treating pets as valued companions?

• What sets your marketing apart from your competitors? Think about taglines, logos and designs.

How to Create a Unique Customer Experience

Take what's unique about your pet sitting business and find a way to present or deliver it in an uncommon way. Hypothetically, you could leave each of your customers a detailed package that explains the best ways they can take care of their pet's health - that would definitely be a unique customer experience. However, if you don't have the time or writing skills, you may just want to decide on a presentation or delivery that is doable and appealing for both business owner and customer. Think about what you can give your pet sitting customers during service that will "wow" them and anyone else who they'll talk about your services with.

How to Use Your Brand in Your Marketing

Understand that your brand acts as a promise to your customers. It represents both an ideal and your business. That being said, you need to infuse your brand into as many of your marketing materials as you can. Put your brand on your pet sitting business cards, on signs and posters, on electronic advertisements, websites and anywhere else where people can see it and logically connect the brand to your pet sitting business.

Danielle Chonody is The Pet Business Success Coach. For more marketing tips get her free 5 part e-course that exposes the secrets to attracting a consistent stream of new customers and reducing your marketing expenses at http://www.marketingyourpetsittingbusiness.com

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