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             31 March, 2023

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Getting the Most Out of Digital Signage - The Captive Audience

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2010-03-16 07:25:13     
Article by Richard N Williams

One of the greatest advantages of digital signage compared to other advertising media is its flexibility and the ability to target captive audiences. A captive audience, as the name suggests is an audience that can't get away from your message and there are many areas in our day to day to lives where we become a potential captive audience, ideal for directing specific marketing messages, depending on where the audience is captive:

Point of sale - one of the most effective areas for digital signage in retail is point of sale. Whilst it could be argued that when somebody is queuing to pay for their items they have already completed their shopping, research shows this is not necessarily the case. Supermarkets have known for a long time the power of the point of sale, placing as they do confectionery near by to act as a temptation sale. Digital signage can work in a similar way displaying messages tailored to the point of sale customer.

Public Transport - perhaps the first industry to realise the potential for digital signage on captive audiences was the transport sector. Buses, trains and even taxis have fitted digital advertising screens to act as both entertainment and advertiser for transport passengers. The transport industry also managed to find innovative methods to ensure no loss of return of investment by contracting out the signage to advertisers who supplied the hardware and content, providing no initial outlay for the bus and taxi companies.

Petrol/Gas Stations - Another great area for taking advantage of a captive audience is the petrol pump. Another great aspect of petrol pump digital signage is that you already know something about the audience - they drive so many gas top digital signage display marketing message for automotive or car related products. Often some consideration has to be given to ensuring the LCD monitor is not going to create a hazard with the petrol fumes. the European ATEX (explosive atmospheres) guidelines govern such installs.

Lines/queues - another use of digital outdoor signage is in queues and lines at theme parks and other amusements. Not only can these systems help entertain the people waiting for rides and attractions, therefore preventing agitation, they can also market products directly to this captive audience.

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