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             08 December, 2022

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Carbon Steel Pipes are Best Suited for Heavy Industries

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2011-09-28 21:46:32     
Article by jim paker

In an industrial set-up, transportation of materials is the lifeline. Carbon steel pipes are an integral part of this process of transporting. As the name implies, these pipes are made from carbon, without the use of any other alloy. These steel pipes can be used in various industrial applications and are very useful in transferring materials from one place to another. With some variations in the steel making process and the deoxidization process, several different varieties of these pipes can be manufactured.

Types of carbon steel pipes:
*High carbon variety: This particular type of steel pipe is has high carbon content and it is used in creating different products. For instance, it can be used in making sharp cutting tools, blades, high tensile strength wires and springs. However, the high carbon content pipes are rather vulnerable to heat and high temperatures. This makes them malleable and hence it is used extensively to be shaped into different objects. Also, it has a very high tensile strength which makes it possible to make objects that can endure extreme working conditions. For instance, in rugged sectors like mining, these pipes are in high demand.

*Low carbon variety: This variety of steep pipes is used mainly for transferring different kinds of materials such as gas, oil, water etc. These steep pipes are resistant to corrosion and hence they last longer underwater as well. This makes them rather useful in oil rigs etc. However, the pipes with low carbon content are not as tensile as their high carbon counterparts.

Over all,  carbon steel pipe  is preferred mostly owing to its rugged abilities and robust qualities. These aspects make them best suited for heavy industries. If you have special requirements you can get these pipes custom made by specifying their width and thickness. The thickness of the pipe determines how much pressure it can handle. However, the custom made pipes usually have to be welded.

You can also opt for the seamless steel pipe variety as this eliminates your worries about degradation at the joints or seams. These steel pipes do not have any joints, which makes them a better finished product. You might have to shell out slightly more than the regular welded steel pipes—but it’s well worth the investment because they are best-suited for high-pressure industrial applications. The last thing you want in such a situation is your materials leaking from a defective joint or seam. The demand for carbon steel pipes is rising by the day and this has made their availability much easier. You can even search online for seamless steel pipes and select the best supplier of these pipes after doing some comparison and research on the Internet.

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