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             15 April, 2024

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What are the advantages you can get buying marine air conditioners

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2012-06-18 02:38:40     
Article by Sam Marin

Like other conditioners, Marine air conditioners too have gone through a revolution, bringing the best of technologies and styles to make your experience even better and superior. The introduction of newest technologies and innovations has made marine ac units the most superior and convenient options that meet your expectations.

What are the advantages you can get buying marine air conditioners:

The Marine air conditioners of today come with the savviest styles and compact sizes to fit in various marine vehicles including Yachts, mega yachts, power boats, sailboats, boats, houseboats, catamarans, cabin cruisers, fishing boats, dive boats, workboats, ships, vessels, gullets and center consoles. Today you can get even the smallest marine air conditioner that is energy efficient and occupies the least of space and absolutely fits in your small vehicle. The self contained marine air conditioner is absolutely perfect to fit in the most compact areas of the cabin.

The use of latest technology has transformed the world of Marine air conditioners and marine ac units and boat ac units ensure the highest technologies and outstanding value. They provide the best comfort and leave mark with their performance and durability.

Marine air conditioner manufacturers offer a wide range of self contained air conditioners, marine type split air conditioners, marine type chillers, fan coils as well as air handler units.

One of the biggest advantages of marine ac units is these are adjustable so that you can you can set the direction of air stream manually according to your wish, where you want the air to be directed.

Buying a Marine air conditioner with a humidistat, you can have more control on the level of humidity in the cabin. The latest series of marine air conditioners is a milestone in marine air conditioning that has made use of the light weight materials. The advantages of such marine ACs are, they add less weight to the weight of boat, have trouble-free maintenance and enable less fuel consumption.

The latest MSB series of marine ac units have made use of extreme engineering to bring forth extraordinary features in the smallest possible sizes so that you can fit them in any tiny space even with bigger coils when higher efficiency is required. Apart from these, they are equipped with built in high pressure and low pressure gauges that makes monitoring the air conditioner and analyzing its operation easy.

In the modern marine ac units you will get sound cover around the compressor as a standard accessory; this lessens the noise level to a great extent, around 60%.

The latest models of Marine air conditioners have the standard charging port, they are environment friendly and absolutely cost efficient.

A leading name among the manufacturers of Marine air conditioners, MarinAire offers vast collection of high quality marine ACs and heat pumps that ensure the best comfort to customers. The light weighed, stylish and environmentally friendly Marine air conditioners from MarinAire guarantee the greatest longevity and maximum performance with low noise level and are available at reasonable prices.

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