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             31 October, 2020

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How One Rabbit Shutdown a Town's Clean Drinking Water

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2008-07-28 06:48:23     
Article by Julie Perry

There are a number of reasons why clean drinking water isn't always available from your normal water supply.

Take this recent story out of the United Kingdom for example.

Over there, a serious water bug has been blamed on one poor rabbit.

A Northamptonshire water supply got contaminated and resulted in over 250,000 people being left without clean drinking water. The unusual side about the story is that it has been blamed on a small rabbit.

Anglian Water said "its water treatment works at Pitsford was infected with cryptosporidium, a parasite which causes diarrhoea, after the rabbit found its way into a water tank."

More than 250,000 people in 108,000 homes in the area were without clean drinking water because of a bug that infiltrated their water system.

But, health experts universally acknowledge that where clean drinking water is used, there are healthy people.

Today, the purest drinking water will be found in the kitchens of homes around the world that have a high quality filtration system attached to their faucets.

Why Clean Drinking Water Is Very Important For Your Overall Health

Clean drinking water is very important to your health, because most of your body is fluid.

Blood, cells, joints, eyes, organs, the brain and everything else human is composed of fluids.

Through many bodily functions, we lose those liquids every minute of every day.

Replacing the lost fluid is the only way to remain healthy.

And for humans and other animals, the best fluid replacement is the purest drinking water.

Clean Drinking Water Is Harder to Find Today

Naturally occurring clean drinking water is becoming harder and harder to find.

Wells and protected springs used to be considered safe.

But, now testing is required to make sure that they are not contaminated.

Even though your public facility may report that your water-quality is "safe".

It is not the purest drinking water. It's not even really that safe.

In order to pass EPA standards, facilities do some simple testing on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Contaminants such as chlorine and the byproducts known as THMs will be present.

Why EPA Testing Is Not the Final Arbiter of Clean Drinking Water

The EPA does not prohibit them. They have just decided that a certain amount is safe.

Since chlorine and other chemicals are used to clean drinking water, those chemicals are present in every public system in the country.

The purest drinking water should contain no chemical contaminants at all.

Facilities are more worried about bacterial contaminants.

And, there is good reason for that worry.

Before the introduction of chlorination, there were numerous outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and other waterborne illnesses in cities all over the world.

There are better systems to clean drinking water, but they are more expensive and changing over could result in a loss of service.

The Problems of Bottled Drinking Water

If you think you will find the purest drinking water being sold in a bottle, think again.

A facility worker in North Carolina thought that his Perrier was the healthiest and purest thing that he could drink.

So, he did one of those tests that they use to make sure that they are producing clean drinking water.

He was surprised to find levels of benzene 15 times higher than the allowable EPA limit.

Benzene contamination is a problem throughout the world.

It is used in the production of many things, including plastic. It is also a known carcinogen.

Why You Should Use a Water Filtration System to Get Clean Drinking Water

If you really want the purest drinking water, you want one of the latest home systems that will remove benzene, chlorine, THMs and other chemical contaminants.

You should look for a multi-stage system that includes a carbon block, a multi-media filter, a micron filtration step and an ion exchange process.

Each stage serves a specific function to clean drinking water.

The result for your family will be chemical free, bacteria free and sediment free, with a balanced mineral content and pH level.

In other words, you will have the purest drinking water available.

Take your time and shop for the best.

Julie Perry graduated with a Diploma in Applied Science and is a fully qualified Naturopath. On her web site http://www.healthysafewater.com, you will find out a practical and simple way to always have clean water at home and benefit from always using clean drinking water

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