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             06 December, 2023

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Laptop Buying Guide - Should You Buy An Ultra Thin Notebook Computer?

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2008-01-31 05:38:13     
Article by Theo Corbett

Several of the major computer manufacturers now offer ultra thin, very sleek and, above all, fantastic looking small laptops. Sony recently launched their TZ Ultraportable and in January 2008 Apple unveiled the MacBook Air. These laptops are at the cutting edge of available consumer computer technology and their unique selling point is how portable and lightweight they are. However, these are expensive laptops and the question remains - will you be getting good value for money?

The first thing to consider is exactly what you will be using your new laptop for. These ultra thin laptops maybe small, but this comes at the expense of power. They are not the most powerful laptops available because the manufacturers have had to closely pack all the components in. If you are going to be editing movies or running other power hungry applications you should go for the most powerful laptop you can get for your budget.

Secondly you should consider how much you travel with your computer, how long for and what you do with it when you do travel. These ultra portable laptops are extremely thin and particularly easy to transport, but how hard is your current laptop to carry around? For example, if you were to buy a MacBook Air you have to consider that it does not have an interchangeable battery. If you travel for long periods of time without access to power then after the battery runs out you have to wait to charge it. With a larger, more traditional laptop you could simply replace the battery with a spare one. There is a great deal of compromise in these ultra portable laptops and you need to truly assess your requirements (everything from connection ports to screen size) before committing. It may be that a laptop just ½ an inch thicker is more suitable.

Finally, there is one more important aesthetic to consider before you purchase a new laptop and that is the style factor. Ultra portable laptops are at the lead edge of personal computer technology and they look sensational. Do you want to be just another commuter with a standard laptop on the train, or would you prefer to stand out from the crowd with an laptop so compact it oozed style and design cool. The answer to that question can only be decided by you.

At Buy Macbook Air you will find a guide to the new MacBook Air, reviews and discussions about this and other thin notebook computers.

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