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             23 May, 2022

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Android Mobile Application Development

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2011-01-05 06:25:10     
Article by Payoda

A platform for mobile device which includes an operating system along with a middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides all the essential API tools that help developing applications on the Android platform based on the Java programming language.


Android is packed with a set of features like a rich development environment, a rich application framework, a virtual machine optimized for mobile devices, an integrated browser with optimized graphics and other hardware dependent features like camera, GPS, compass, Bluetooth and wifi.
The increase in the number of Android phones in the market have had a direct impact on the number of applications that are being developed for the same, across the globe. This can be a result of the popularity of the OS or the usability and the UI of the OS


With the increase in the number of Android based smart phones, the number of applications in the Android market has shown a tremendous increase, this maybe because of the popularity of the OS, or the ease in usability or the intuitive UI of the application.

An Android mobile application is said to live in its own happy world;

The specialty of the Android mobile applications being that it runs on the Linux platform, it has an automated switch on and switch off mechanism which switches on the code for a particular application when triggered and then switches it off when the application is no more required by the system.

The Android mobile application also comes with its own unique Virtual mechanism which means that each application works independent of the other applications that the user is using, allowing the user to use multiple applications at a time.

By Providing an open development platform, Android provides the developers an opportunity to experiment and build highly creative applications, as the developers can take an advantage of the device hardware’s, set alarms, add notifications and use the location services enabling them to experiment with the OS.The application architecture simplifies the reuse of components, a application can publish its capabilities and any application can make use of these capabilities. This also allows users to reuse their application components.


Developing applications for the mobile in itself is a challenge when compared to developing web pages and web applications for the typical desktop web browser.

For a developer to develop a successful android mobile application, it helps when he keeps in mind; to use a valid markup DOCTYPE which suits the mobile device, the proper use of a Viewport Meta data to resize the data along with a vertical layout which provides the user with a convenient usability option.

In order to come out with the best Android mobile application results the developer needs to follow a set of do’s and don’ts as follows:
•The developer should avoid small font size rigid positioned layouts.
•Avoid porting from different UI platforms.
•Android icon guidelines must be followed.
•The D pad and the trackball must be in sync with the application
•Efficient management of the activity stack is a must.


The android mobile application developers here at Payoda have understood the need of the hour after experiencing the intense competition and demand for android mobile applications in the market, and established itself with a few of the best android developers who have understood the basics of android mobile application development and have been successful endlessly resulting in partnership with a bunch of happy clients all over the globe.

We have been successful in creating custom application development for Android, which includes both office and business applications with video streaming facility. We have also proved ourselves in the stream of game application development along with social networking applications for android.

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