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             25 September, 2021

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SMS Text Message Marketing: The New Advertising Strategy

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2010-12-15 06:39:52     
Article by Rick Catenilla

Many companies understand that the marketing strategies that once worked brilliantly before may not necessarily be quite as successful now. They understand that just as their products and services change, their marketing tools must also ride these changes as well. Twenty years ago, many companies went for print and simple media to reach their target market. Some even used telephone marketing strategies to immediately get in touch with their customers. Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV were exhausted with different advertising campaigns. Now, these avenues for marketing are still employed, but companies must now think outside the box to get ahead on their competitors. Through an innovative marketing avenue, they can do just that. SMS text message marketing strategies just may prove to be the competitive advantage that they’re looking for.

The reason behind the rise of SMS text message marketing strategies is simple. Mobile phones have become the most direct and most intimate way that people interact, replacing the telephone and e-mail. There is absolutely no doubt that through text marketing, companies will reach their target markets. The question therefore is where do they start, and how exactly would they do the marketing campaign. This is where WASP Mobile comes into play. They are the worldwide leader in mobile marketing.

Through the use of text message marketing, companies can get responses from target markets in real time. Unlike the traditional ways of marketing, where companies spend money for print advertising, and wait for client calls, text messaging offers the quickest way for companies to reach out to their clients and perform their sales pitch. Some of the text marketing strategies that companies such as WASP Mobile include Voting or Polling, Trivia or Quiz, Broadcast messages, among others.

There has never been a better time for companies to benefit from the upsurge of mobile technology. Soon enough, anyone in America will have a mobile phone. If companies want to reach as many potential clients as possible, then they must recognize this possibility and act on it as soon as they can. SMS text message marketing strategies are indeed the way to go.
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