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             02 July, 2020

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Find Out What They Want

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2008-01-23 04:08:30     
Article by Mike Michelozzi

I have no lists, no rules, no ten steps to the sales success you wan. Why be like everyone else? There's enough of everyone else to go around. Anyway, you want sales success and you've studied it all and still no success. At least not much. So what's the deal?

Be different. You want to be in that envied 3% who achieve world class success right! AND you've read all the gurus telling you what to do and still - you bottom out. Step out!

For the next week and the week after that only do three hours of cold calling Monday - Friday. Or your one hour. Or your five hours. Whatever it is you do to prospect for how many hours you do it ear to ear or face to face. Do it. BUT do it like this.

In a one minute sales call identify yourself, say what you have, be clear and identify a couple of features. Also ask if the prospect wants it or not. That's it. Take the YES or NO for what it is - go with it.

If it's a NO say bye and hang up. If it's a YES find out exactly what the person wants to make sure you can deliver. Also, find out if you can trust that person's commitment. Ask good questions.

See what happens. Simple? Yes! Too simplified? Yes! But you said nothing else has worked. So why not? No closing, no convincing, no overcoming objections - just identify a YES and if it's genuine help that person get it.

Find out what people want by asking: is this something you want or not?

The best to you.

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