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List Building - How Coregistration Helps Your List Building

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2007-04-23 08:11:15     
Article by Gary Baker

Anyone doing business online for any length time has heard all about list building and the many different ways there is to list building.

One of the lesser used and known ways of list building is using the technique known as coregistration.

Coregistration is a form of list building where you simply post a short ad for your newsletter or ezine on a website that offers many types of other publications.

You pay for each person who actually clicks on your ad and fills out their information.

Then this information is sent to you in the form of a lead.

List building with coregistration can quickly add hundreds of new leads to your list within a few days.

Once you receive your new leads, you will want to treat them a little different than you regular leads who have opt in from your website.

These people really do not know you enough and need to be warmed up.

To build trust and a relationship with coregistration leads, you should send them atleast 3 messages that are pure content.

List building with coregistration leads takes a little while longer and these leads should not be sold to right away.

After your third message, you can start out by doing soft offers by writing a review for your product or an affiliate product.

As with any form of list building, coregistration is an investment in your future profits and should be treated as such.

A good source of the best coregistration leads can be found at http://listopt.com

Just because you can get hundreds of leads within a short period of time, does not mean you are going to be rich over night.

List building with coregistration is a great way to build your opt in list.

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