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Looking For Targeted Leads? Then Follow These Steps Now

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2006-08-28 20:59:38     
Article by Jaz Lai

The following five important lead generation pointers must be considered by anyone looking to enhance their leads from their marketing efforts.

1. Your Audience: The very best marketing piece or sales presentation is useless if you do not project it to the right audience. It doesn't matter whether you are marketing on the internet, via direct mail or creating display ads. Targeting the right audience is critical.

In order to identify your target audience, you need to do a certain amount of research. Some of the questions that will lead you to uncover a thirsty market are; Who are they? What are their wants and desires? And what are their fears and inhibitions?

2. Product Benefits: When selling a particular product, it is important not only to know the product thoroughly, it is just as pertinent to know the various benefits of the product's features. It is these benefits that convince a prospective buyer to respond to your sales pitch and sign on the application form.

For this, a good technique is to enumerate all the possible benefits of a particular feature of your annuity and jot them down. This will not only help in selling more annuities, but will give a boost to your annuity lead generation as well.

3. The best way to market your product: In the case of a home based business, the response levels to marketing are often quite low. This is because your prospects have already been bombarded with a ton of advertisements selling annuities. So, it is most likely that he will hit delete on your piece or will simply ignore it.

A suitable alternative to frontline leads marketing is to create a "lead generator". The most common form of lead generator is an information product. It may be a booklet or a report in this case. However, this is not a product brochure; instead it is a report that works more like a sophisticated sales letter if written professionally.

So, as a substitute to advertising your business opportunity, you would be advertising the report in your lead generator. The secret is to use the lead generator as a means to secure the contact information of your prospective buyers. This helps you to construct a priceless list for which every home business owner would give their right arm. 4. Systemize: Irrespective of the fact, whether you use a lead generator or directly market your annuity, you must first systemize your marketing operations. Statistics say that on an average for every sale to take place, 7 contacts must be made. This means that for every lead generated, follow-ups should be in place beforehand.

5. Testing: When marketing to your leads, you should also consider testing your operation on a small scale. Once you have chosen your market and the way to generate leads, put out a small ads or test a fraction of the number of names from a well-selected list. If you fail to achieve the desired response rate, then you know you have not wasted a big sum of money. Also, you can spot the errors in your marketing system and fix them. With this miniature trial and error technique, you can cut your losses, build a profitable lead generation system and can then implement the same on a larger scale.

Therefore, a winning lead generation program is most likely to succeed when you target the right audience, discover your product's plus points, pick the right approach, follow it up and always test on a small scale (to de-bug your system).

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