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             15 April, 2021

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The Benefit of Using Safelist

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2008-07-03 08:55:28     
Article by Daegan Smith

Internet business marketers are now using safelist to bring in their products and services to thousands of internet users in just a matter of seconds. Safelists is considered as one of the best online marketing strategy. It is safe to use safelists if you were able to apply it properly but if you were not able to utilize it would be a problem to you.

Look at some of the flaws in using safelist.

1. Lack of Targets. Untargeted lists would perform tremendously poorly. Most emails are untargeted and do not suit with the recipients interest, if and only if the recipient wants to send emails.

2. Deliverable of Emails. Today, all Internet Service Provider is using filters to stay alive and be secured from attacks of spam mails. Senders who are not so familiar are being blocked and put on black list. Unfamiliar and suspicious words that are included in title heading or captions and email messages also reduce deliverability.

3. Get-Rich-Quick E-Mail Subject Lines. Sometimes you will receive in email subjects like ├ČI love $997 and $500 each!" or 'Winning Lottery', 'You win in the lottery'. Almost all the subject headings you'll receive were all like this.

4. Volume of Emails. Couple of hours after you sign up and create an email account you will receive lots of unexpected emails. And list manager limits email to every subscriber. Of course you do not read all this emails especially those that are not of your interest.

5. SPAM violators. With all the emails you receive, almost 50% of it do not have a unsubscribe link and the other half you would notice that the email add wherein the email was sent to you is different. And once you reply to this email, you will receive lots of spam mails forever and it is difficult to remove all this.

With all these flaws in using safelists there are also benefits that you will gain. Using Opt-in Email safelist, you will be able to earn more profits. Proper use of safelists and planning is very important to gain benefits from this. Some of the benefits you would get is you can instantly receive a response to those people who are interested with the ad that you sent to them. In using ezine, it would take you a days or weeks waiting your ads to be displayed.

Another advantage of having safelist is you can begin testing your ad in safelists. By this you will be able to know how effective your ad is and then try another method that could bring more profits to you. In this way you would not spend a lot of money in displaying your ads.

Safelist is also an inexpensive and a much faster way of internet marketing. Compare to offline marketing, in safelist you would be able to reach and find more people in a short period of time and turn them into a regular customer. This is also the easiest way to find people because you can send thousands of emails through free safelist and paid safelist. And even if you get only 3% or less response, you will still linked to more traffic and bring more sales to your site. You do not have to worry on being penalized or banned for spamming because all subscribers are strictly Opt-in.

Utilize your Opt-in safelist to determine if your ad will be successful and would bring more profit to you without spending lots of money.

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