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             09 December, 2023

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A New $7 Revolution Is Coming!

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2007-04-23 08:12:23     
Article by Carson Danfield

One thing you have to agree on about the field of internet marketing - it's always in a state of flux. Somebody comes up with a new idea that works, and before you know it, it catches on and spreads like wildfire.

Well, there's a new wildfire beginning and you can jump on the bandwagon and make/save a ton of money if you make your move now. I'm talking about the newest craze - the $7 ebook revolution! And it really is a revolution in the strictest sense.

Previously, most top online ebook authors have been selling their ebooks for prices approaching $100 or more. In most cases, such ebooks produced by reputable authors do provide useful and timely information, but at a hundred dollars a pop? Come on, get real!

Well due to the recent introduction of a low cost, easy to use piece of software, all those fat cat, hundred dollar ebook authors are going to be shaken right out of their tree! The latest craze is the $7 ebook. But don't let the low price fool you - price doesn't always equate to quality.

Just as an example, a couple of years ago I bought a $97 ebook from a well known AdSense guru. According to the advertisement, it would help me to make loads of money from AdSense. He claimed to be making $30,000 a month and if I followed his instructions, I could be making lots of AdSense money too. From what I recall, the ebook had a couple hundred pages, but the basic idea was that if you select the right colors and placement for your AdSense ads, you'll get more clicks and make more money. That was it - not exactly the break thru I was expecting for $97.

As you can imagine, the author of the AdSense ebook didn't really need 200 pages to convey his idea. He could have gotten the concept across in 10 pages or so. But he couldn't justify selling a 10 page ebook for $97, so he had to "fluff it up" to the point where buyers would feel like they got their money's worth. The $7 ebook idea blows that whole racket completely out of the water.

No longer will you have to pay outlandish prices to get the information you need. No more overpriced ebooks stuffed with page after page of useless filler. The concept of the $7 ebook is that it's straight and to the point. No fluff, no filler, just everything you need, but nothing else. No history of how the internet was invented. No lessons on how to use your web browser. Just the plain and simple facts about what you need to know.

Isn't that really what you want? Who wants to waste time reading a 300 page monster ebook, when they can get the condensed version and find the info in just 20 or 30 pages? And who doesn't want to save money? Forget the overpriced ebooks full of fluff and go for the "meat & potatoes" version that has everything you're looking for at a price that's unbeatable.

URL: http://sevendollarsolution.com
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