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Michael Costigan - Youth Speaker and Teen CEO (Popularity: )
Michael's a youth speaker and teen CEO. He challenges teens to live their own life and not according to someone else's plan for them. Michael Costigan is a voice for all young adults. He speaks to both teens and the adults who care about them. Many teens think the surest way to success and happiness is conformity. Michael wants to change that for your teen audience because it simply isn't true. He's ...

How to Write a Bridesmaid Speech (Popularity: )
What fun, your best friend is getting married and you are the Bridesmaid. Only problem is you have to give a speech and now you want to know how to write a bridesmaid speech. Well, if you keep to a few basic principles you will not have a problem. 1. Here is an idea of a basic outline you can use: * Start by introducing yourself, remember not everyone knows who ...

Commencement Speeches Are What You Make of Them (Popularity: )
Commencement speeches are well named because they are always about a new start. They are also, of course, about an ending. Such speeches are what are used when students are leaving High school to go to University or when graduates are leaving University to start their careers. These speeches should, therefore, be motivational in tone. They are saying "You are now qualified to go on with your life." These speeches give ...

English Speaking Courses (Popularity: )
The advantages of learning English with native speaker teachers include: 1. Authentic Learning: A student will be exposed to the authentic English language. Through learning activities such as games, students will learn about the culture and how to speak like a native speaker. This includes the use of slang and accents. Students will be able to engage in real and regular conversations that English speakers use every day. 2. Pronunciation and Language ...

The Best Public Speakers in the World & How You Can Learn From Them (Popularity: )
Let me start by first introducing you to the world's best public speakers - stand-up comedians. Here are some reasons why they are the best: 1) They have nothing to offer you except a bunch of crap and yet they can keep you listening for hours If you have the chance to go to a live stand-up show, observe the good ones. Observe the topics they talk about. It's absolutely RANDOM NONSENSE! Sometimes ...

Ceremonial Speech Topics - 6 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Topic (Popularity: )
Just imagine how great it would be if you could walk away from your ceremonial speech, knowing that you have done a great job and that people would love to hear you speak again. Well believe or not you can achieve it and no you don't need to be an experience speaker but you do need to have chosen your topic wisely. Making sure you get the right topic will ...

How to Get Over the Speech Jitters (Popularity: )
Have you been there... about to go on stage, to give a talk to a group of your peers? They are a group of co-workers or the Booster club or maybe the Networking group you are a member of and it is your turn to give your spotlight... You have 5 - 7 minutes to speak but you have the butterflies in a big way. You almost want to get ...

Loud and Proud - The Tips to Making an Effective Speech in Front of a Crowd (Popularity: )
There is hardly an event that people fear more than a round of public speaking. The mere act of facing a crowd of people who are hanging on every word you're saying can bring jitters to even the most confident individuals. So if you find that you have to deliver that all important keynote address then what can you do to make sure that the speech is an absolute success? It ...

Wedding Toasts - Tips For Success (Popularity: )
Wedding toasts are very special and memorable to the new couple. There are many guests that usually deliver a toast. The most traditional people who have this honor along with preparing a wedding speech are the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man. Trying to find the right words when delivering these wedding toasts can be very stressful. After all, you will be talking in front of ...

Wedding Toast - Ideas to Help You Prepare (Popularity: )
Wedding toasts are one of the most, if not the most, important and memorable parts of the wedding reception. The words that are uttered are cherished by the bride and groom for a lifetime. The responsibility of presenting a wedding toast or speech is stressful. This article is going to give you some tips and wedding toast ideas. *If you are unsure of what to say find a poem that you ...