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What's Your Point? (Popularity: )
How many times have you sat through a presentation, only to walk out wondering "what was the point of that?!" Whether it was a one-minute presentation or one hour, if the audience doesn't know what the point was, then the presentation was not successful. Here are some things you can do to ensure this doesn't happen to you: Have a message. What is the one thing that you want your audience ...

How To Become A Public Speaker - Tips On How To Start A Lucrative Career As A Public Speaker (Popularity: )
Learning how to speak in public will enable you to have a new career. Public speaking will open the door to new opportunities and possibilities in your life that will include travel, flexibility, and more income than you have ever made in your current job. People who speak in front of audiences are able to write their own ticket when it comes to working and making a large income. Here ...

Professional Speakers Know Low Aim Is Better Than No Aim (Popularity: )
I was just reading about a professional speaker whose forte is reaching out and inspiring young people. That's not easy to do. Facing the typical teenage cynicism and distrust of authorities, even those who speak well and use lots of teen-friendly anecdotes aren't assured of success. Then I had another thought. The proverbial adage came to mind: As a professional speaker, "If you reach just ONE member of the audience with your message, ...

Be Confident Public Speaking by Mastering a Simple Three-Point Outline (Popularity: )
INTRODUCTION Ever notice how many things in life come in threes? Ready, set, go. Green, amber, red. Lights, camera, action. Land, sea, air. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Before, during, after. Three strikes and you're out. Human beings use threes to conceptualize everything. So if you want to deliver a speech that is both easy to follow and easy to remember, divide your talk into three parts-beginning, middle, end-using the outline feature ...

Communicating With Confidence Takes Preparation (Popularity: )
Great communication is spoken from the heart. Preparation means transferring your message from your heart into something that interests the listener, holds their attention and encourages them to take action. How do you do this? 1. By having a plan - Know what you're going to say, how you're going to say it and how you want your message to end. 2. By stepping inside your listener's shoes - thinking like your listener. Whether ...

How To Give A Great Keynote - Multiple Speaking Intelligences Part Two (Popularity: )
The keynote is one of the most important presentations an aspiring or experienced leader can give. A keynote is between 20 and 90 minutes in duration but it may also be shorter. For example, a school principal giving an address at a school assembly may only speak for three to five minutes and I would consider this a keynote. A pastor or a priest giving a weekly Sunday morning sermon would ...

The Art Of Story Telling Jamaican Style (Popularity: )
Have you ever watched a group of young men at the street corner chatting? Observed their gestures as they speak? Listened to the pitch of voice and rate of speech? Have you ever wondered why our men, husbands need to gather at the bar or rumshop every Friday evening? Have you ladies who go to the salon every Saturday for a mani-pedi and a glamorous coiffure listened to and even ...

Have You Mastered These 10 Public Speaking Skills? (Popularity: )
How skillful are you at pubic speaking? Have you mastered the public speaking skills? If you want to master public speaking, then you need master the public speaking skills. There are dozens of skills required in a talk. These skills are an essential part of the art of public speaking and are especially important in persuasive speaking. How do you measure up in just 10 of the skills? In the following you ...

Overcoming Stuttering and Filler Words - The Marble Technique for Eliminating Speech Impediments (Popularity: )
I st... st... st... ststutter... While severe stuttering is a medical problem and should be addressed by a health care professional, mild stuttering and other speech obstacles are impediments no one need suffer. Do you occasionally get caught on a word? Do you read smoothly, or does your speech break in places where it shouldn't? Do you say 'uh' or 'like' between every word? Here's how to fix it. Materials Required Boiling ...

Type of MBA B-School Extempore Topics (Popularity: )
You are given a topic to speak upon for 5 minutes non stop - You are evaluated by a panel of 3 or more selectors - The panel will be evaluating your body movements, composure, clarity of thoughts, and most importantly fluency. - The panel will also attempt to make you nervous by playing psychological games with you. One of them may keep a glaring look throughout the extempore, or ...