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             23 May, 2022


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The Fear of Public Speaking - Top Myths Exposed and Truths Revealed (Popularity: )
There are tons of myths and misconceptions about public speaking. Unfortunately these untruths serve to reinforce and increase speaking anxiety. I'd like to share with you here three of the twelve myths that my coauthor and I expose in our New York Times bestselling book The Confident Speaker. Myth #1: Anxiety will continue to increase over time Many people fear that if they do not do something to control their distress, it ...

How To Master The Art Of Public Speaking (Popularity: )
A promising public speaker often encounters risk before he or she learns how to get it right, as in almost anything we do in life that we strive to be good at. After all, you encountered risk when you learned to walk, and ride a bike. If you are going to master the art of public speaking, you are going to be required to apply some effort in the initial ...

Public Speaking An Audience Centered Approach (Popularity: )
Although public speaking is generally regarded as a monologue, this monologue is usually addressed to a willing and receptive audience who desire to learn from you as much as you desire to offer them something worthy. However, it has to be said that how much your audience is able to learn from you, will depend to no small degree, on how you connect with your audience, in short on how ...

Are You Asking The Right Questions? (Popularity: )
Everyone knows how to ask questions. But are you asking the right questions in an interview, on the job, or in a social situation? Knowing how to question others effectively is both a skill and an art. How to Begin Learning the art of asking questions effectively requires a little forethought. For example: • What is it you really want/need to know? • Why do you need the information? • How much detail do you ...

Public Speaking Anxiety - Everyone Is Judging Me (Popularity: )
Many people express fear of public speaking - which is quite a large category of fear when you think about everything that might be considered public speaking. But is it really "speaking" that they fear, or is it something else? What people are really afraid of may be something much more personal: * Fear of being judged * Fear of not being liked * Fear of being boring and not having anything worthwhile ...

The Perfect Wedding Speech (Popularity: )
Giving the Best Man's speech at a wedding. Is that something that fills you with dread, or is it something that you expect to do at some point in your life. What would you do if tomorrow your best friend gives you a call to announce that he is going to get married to the girl he has been dating for the last couple of years, and he wants you ...

Best Man Toasts - 4 Tips for Success (Popularity: )
So your best friend is finally tying the knot and he asked you to be the best man. You get to be the right hand man as he utters his vows, but at the reception all eyes will be on you as you give the best man toast. Here's 4 tips for giving memorable best man toasts: 1. Be prepared. Don't expect to grab the microphone and give a memorable speech off ...

7 Proven Ways to Warm Up Your Audience (Popularity: )
Did you ever observe a cold audience? Have you experienced a group of participants who seem to be resistant to learning anything unless it is taking place around the swimming pool or beach lounge. Well in this busy time of just too many things to do and lots on our mind we need to find ways to warm up that audience before we do our keynote or training. 1. If possible arrive ...

What Does Golf Have To Do With Presentations? (Popularity: )
As a professional speaker you will always look for different ways to approach a topic. Consider looking at the world of competitive sports and it’s application to speaking. Let’s look at the world of golf. You may not be a golfer but there are some powerful golf tips that you can apply to any presentation. 1. Study The Greens For Better Putting One golf expert suggested looking at the overall slope of ...

Discover How To Comprehend a Complex Material In Speed Reading (Popularity: )
Speed reading is an art you can easily learn if you have decided to learn it. Your progress in this area depends on your interest. If you are waiting for a tutor to teach you how to effectively learn speed reading, then you are wasting your time, the fact is you can actually become a speed reader if you know all the ropes and you can learn this yourself by ...