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             27 September, 2023

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How to choose Digital marketing to match your Business needs

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2020-07-15 07:24:05     
Article by Moses R

As a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai and from the experience we possess, we can confidently say that digital marketing is capable of delivering brilliant results. These can be effectively applied to meet the desired results, irrespective of the business size and the final achievable goal.

However, the methods of using digital marketing and the type of digital marketing that are used will play a huge role in its success. Creating a full-fledged digital marketing strategy is necessary as it cannot merely be replicated across your organization, since it has achieved success at another.

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it is possible to apply the non-linear marketing approach at the same time and multiple segments and audience profiles can be targeted.

B2B Digital marketing
You are said to be operating in the B2B, i.e. Business to Business space, if your products and services are consumed by another business. For example, you could be running an advertising agency, leasing retail space to other businesses, manufacturing office furniture etc. then you will need a B2B Digital marketing strategy. The entire process may be longer since business decisions are involved and several levels of decision making may be involved.

Digital marketing, in this space is utilized to generate leads, create brand awareness, to connect to potential customers and generate interest in the brand. Services like SEO and SEM can be excellent choices if your purpose is to generate a lot of customer enquiries.

B2C Digital Marketing
You are operating in the B2C, i.e. Business to Consumer space when your products are consumed and used by retail customers. Retails stores, restaurants, crèche services are classic examples of B2C businesses. In this case, the business cycle is pretty short and the customer is motivated to make a buying decision in quick time.
The purpose of digital marketing in this case, is to draw the consumer’s attention towards your brand and then convert them into buying or subscribing to your services. With this being the focus, digital marketing here should be engaging and interactive, using motivation for call-to-action. Due to the nature of this business, customers demand and expect a lot of attention and interaction but one can say that digital marketing has been successful when the sales team interaction with the client is reduced to a bare minimum.

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