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How I Consistently Earn Money Through A Website?

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2010-10-16 08:18:21     
Article by Nezrul Hisyam Abdul Ghani

When I made up my mind to earn money through creating and building a website a few years ago, I did not immediately settle on a single model. I tried a few strategies first because at that point I was learning and curious to try everything. Right now, I know better and focusing on a single strategy is the best option.

Before you proceed, let me emphasis that it is important to pick a single model to work with and keep working until you see consistent result.

Here is how I manage to generate income from a website which I am going to walk you through, step by step:

First I started with keyword research. I cannot stress enough its importance but suffice to say; it is the most crucial part of a website creation. There are many schools of thought on how to do this; what tools to use and the whole process in general and my recommendation is to start with what you are comfortable with.

For example, if you are comfortable using free keyword research tool by all means use it. If you prefer to pay for your research, just go ahead. The point is to do the research and by the end of it, have some tangible results.

Next, you want to organize your research result from above. Expand it to create a category or focus on it to create a content page. By the end of this exercise, you will have a detailed structure of the website with its broad category and focused content in place. Perhaps, it is the best time to start a content creation process and to link it with each other.

Now you are ready to go out and buy the domain name. As you probably made clear through research and organizing process, a theme should emerge, and you want to buy the domain that addresses the most desirable keyword.

Once registration has been taken care of, the minute the domain is up and live, you want to upload all your content on it and test everything to make sure they work. If there is an area that needs modification and upgrades, you want to take care of that immediately. With the previous effort of organizing and linking, you will get a good head start and probably is ahead of the game.

After that, you want to see what kind of traffic arrive at your site and decide on a single way to make money from it. Right now, my favorite strategy is to use advertising which I insert naturally throughout the page content and earn profit from visitors' click.

If you like to read more tips like this and relevant money making ideas, head over to my personal collection of ideas to make money online articles.

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