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             28 January, 2021

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Completing Paid Surveys For Extra Income - The Ups and Downs

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2009-12-26 07:10:34     
Article by Adam Woodham

There's an upside to completing paid surveys for extra income and there's a downside. Some people only think about the bad things and don't bother with them. Others strictly think about the money they could make and never realize the downside to them. Here are two things to consider if you're thinking about completing paid surveys for extra income.

There are tons of reasons why it pays to join a survey site, but the main reason is because they give you cash for your opinion. Like you didn't know that, though. The one thing to remember is that companies are looking for your truthful opinion. If you're just going to lie and breeze through every survey you take, there's a strong chance that those websites will not be sending you paid surveys in the near future and you won't be able to make extra income with them any more. If you lie and take a 20 minute survey in 3 minutes, the websites have software to recognize this, so they know if you actually did it right, or you just clicked any random answer.

You will burn bridges with every website out there within a week, giving you less ways to make money online. It all comes down to this: If you can't actually spend quality time truthfully telling them what you think, you're better off trying something else to make money on the web. If you are going to treat paid surveys as a real way to make extra income, you have to be prepared to set aside a little bit of time. The longer the survey, though, the more cash you get.

Let's go into one of great things for a second, because there are many great things about these websites. First of all, they pay pretty handsomely for the amount of actual work you have to do. If you find the right websites, you can earn upwards of 8 to 9 dollars an hour. How man jobs out there allow you to sit at your own computer, sip on a nice drink and do your work when you want to do it? The answer is none. Well, except for paid surveys, which is why they are such great ways to earn extra income. It all boils down to two things: Do you really want spare cash in your pocket and are you willing to give you honest thoughts to get that cash?

The other reason they are great is because you get to interact with other people, all while shaping and influencing new and existing products and services. You might be a minor piece of the puzzle when it comes to influencing what companies do, but it's a role that helps out society as a whole. We need people to do paid surveys for extra income, because we all know that tons of products and services out there could use improvements! You might not be the loudest voice, but together, we can all make a difference. You get to interact with other survey takers through the use of focus groups that most survey websites have. Best of all, focus groups tend to pay around $20 an hour. You need to be willing to spend quality time doing them, though, because like I said before, you can burn bridges with many websites by not giving your all.

Those are the ups and downs of completing paid surveys to earn extra income.

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