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             20 October, 2021

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Five Reasons to Choose Inbound Marketing for Your Business

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2014-03-06 10:39:08     
Article by Infinista Concepts

Inbound marketing is defined as the process of creating and subsequently sharing content that appeals to your consumers, in an effort to engage them and keep them visiting your website for more. This kind of marketing is an innovative way to draw in potential users and convert them into customers. This style of marketing drives traffic to your website and leads to a boost in sales. Here are give reasons to choose inbound marketing for your business.

1. It helps familiarize users with your brand thereby creating brand recall
When someone is online, they are constantly using search engines to find information on a product, service or business. When they see your brand repeatedly featuring in search results or as ad links, they will automatically familiarise themselves with you. These users then become aware of your brand and even start to recall it after a point. This kind of interaction subsequently leads to engagement and conversion into customers.
2. It increases the credibility of your business
When you choose a successful inbound marketing strategy, the credibility of your business will increase automatically. When users see your brand in the first few pages of Google’s search results, they will associate you with credibility and trustworthiness. This also helps in increasing sales as it drives traffic to your website. This marketing effort helps boost your website to the first or second page of Google search results to keep user’s hooked.
3. It helps in creating engaging content to appeal to users
An important part of any inbound marketing strategy is engaging content. The attention span of your potential user is very short, especially online, where there is so much to divert their attention. Your content needs to be juicy, effective, pertinent, insightful and relevant to them. If they do not find this with you, they will look for it elsewhere, which means that you have just lost a potential user. Your content will fall flat if it has no meat and has only been created to generate traffic. Challenging, informative and relevant content is king and will go viral with minimal effort, thus keeping your brand on top of mind for users and also creating repeat visitors onto your website.
4. Your value as a brand or business increases
When users start to view your brand or business as an expert in the field of what you offer, your job here is done. Inbound marketing can add value to your products and services. When you start to provide your users with relevant information that can help them in the problem solving or decision making process, you come off as a voice of authority. Your expertise then comes with the territory.
5. You get massive ROIs at lesser costs
According to statistics, inbound marketing strategies are known to cost about 62% less than traditional outbound marketing strategies. In addition to that, these innovative tactics are responsible for generating revenue as much as they generate leads, thereby increasing the ROI as compared to other marketing efforts.

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