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             28 September, 2023

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Automate FTP workflows and save valuable time and money

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2020-07-08 05:17:00     
Article by Vladimir Davidenko

These days, no business leader wants to be paying to get routine work done that can easily be automated. Most employees would rather focus on their major skills and grow their careers as well, rather than work with regular, monotonous processes. Yet those routine and repetitive processes are also critical in any functioning business. Transferring and synchronizing files between a local computer and a remote FTP or SFTP server is one example of a routine workflow that many businesses need. For example, you might want to keep files synchronized and up to date on your remote web server, such as a media server or something else that your website or online apps need to function correctly. Once it gets to the point when you are relying on these transfers throughout the day, the manual approach becomes a practical impossibility.

FTPGetter 3 Professional was designed to negate any need for these tedious manual processes. Conventional FTP clients have always been something of a nightmare to use since you can typically only download or upload one file at a time. On top of that, they are often slow and unresponsive. Even just browsing through the file structure can be a chore despite the fact they usually use a familiar interface a little like Windows Explorer. When you are working with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of files stored across multiple servers, the problem becomes exponentially greater. To meet these challenges of scale, and to negate the risk of human error in the process, you need a way to automate the transfers, check for file creations or modifications at specified intervals throughout the day or week, and have them synchronized automatically as required.

FTPGetter 3 Professional will automate FTP transfers and more. It lets you work with any number of folders and files and servers, and once you've set up a scheduled task using the simple, wizard-driven interface, it will work in the background as it does all the hard work for you. It requires minimal intervention from the end user, while at the same time it provides a user-friendly interface that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a conventional FTP client. Any novice user can, for example, set up a task which automatically checks for new file creations at specified intervals throughout the day to ensure the files on both the local machine and remote server are always kept current. More advanced users can take advantage of a powerful scripting engine to create more advanced tasks. In other words, you can intricately tailor FTPGetter 3 Professional to meet your needs.

Despite having a minimal learning curve, FTPGetter 3 Professional does not compromise on features or functionality. It supports file masks too, so it can be told to pay attention to specific filetypes only and ignore all the rest, which is perfect for saving bandwidth. With the combined power of a simple task-creation wizard and a powerful scripting engine, you can back up and synchronize and monitor files across infrastructures of virtually any complexity. Once you've completed the simple setup process, you can leave FTPGetter 3 Professional to do everything else for you, running in the background without getting in your way.

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