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             08 December, 2023

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Digital Transformation - Ways through Which COVID 19 Forcing Positive Changes

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2020-06-29 03:48:24     
Article by Kuntal Mehta

There is absolutely no doubt that COVID has emerged as a catalyst for the digital transformation in the world. Ongoing pandemic has forced technology services providers to make necessary changes in the deliverance of their services and use the remote work strategy.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for businesses to keep themselves alive during the pandemic. Consumers also expect companies to become more digitalized during the pandemic. They expect the company to keep on providing exceptional quality products and services by adopting innovative digital transformation plans.

The current situation is influencing the companies to speed up their digital transformation progress to achieve success during the situation.

Ways to Digitally Transform During the COVID

1. Remote Work Comes into Play

To minimize the effects of COVID, remote work has become the new normal. Now employees are asked to work from home by connecting through the internet and performing all the required tasks.

Businesses have now realized that work from home is the only remedy to ensure that work is completed regularly. It’s also the best solution to keep their employees quarantined while working during the pandemic.

New IT startup solution services providers use the same remote work strategy to collaborate with their employees and clients. Cross-functional collaboration during the pandemic needs to be more effective and result-oriented.

For that purpose, it’s mandatory to use quality tools to ensure precise collaboration among the employees performing remote work.

2. Helps to Maintain Productivity During the Pandemic

Digital tools and digital frameworks are now helping businesses to maintain the productivity of their employees during this ongoing critical situation.

Companies use the ways of online meetings, online training, and online performance evaluation mechanisms to rectify the problems that are affecting the growth during this time.

IT startup solution firms use the new digitally transformed tools to overcome any communication gap between the employees.

It helps them meet their deadlines and deliver the completed tasks on time. However, it’s quite a difficult task to maintain the growth of products and services just as the level it was before the pandemic. Digital transformation in all the departments is necessary to achieve the required productivity levels.

3. Right Flow of Communication with Digital Transformation

During this difficult time of COVID, internal communication between the employees should be clear during remote work. This means a lot for technology services providers firms, as most of the work relies on communication.

As compared to the use of conventional ways of communication, a new digital communication strategy should be implemented.

Now businesses can also better filter their service audience with push notifications, personalized email messages, mobile phones, etc. To avoid any communication bottleneck, businesses use the following digital strategies during the COVID.

• Sharing of quick tips, topics in the shape of videos and images
• Sending automated push notifications and emails through smartphones
• Use online tools to reach employees (ZOOM, Slack, Skype, and Facebook Workplace, etc.)

4. Revamping Sales Strategy with Automation

Most of the consumers are now preferring social distancing, and this has made a big impact on their buying behavior.

The manufacturing sector, as well as technology services providers’ companies, need to embrace the new way of online selling.

Now firms are becoming more innovative when it comes to revamping their sales strategy to achieve the desired growth target. To successfully sell-out products online, most of the businesses have now developed their separate online store. It's the best approach to attract existing as well as new customers towards your product and service.

Due to the current pandemic situation, overall sales are affected worldwide. It's the best time to update your business website as online selling is the only way to get to your buyer.

If your business already has a website, then here is how you can successfully update during the pandemic.

• Evaluate your hosting plan for the online sales channel
• Must consider the upgrading of the products/ services listed on the site
• Do work on the SEO strategy of your sales platform
• Updating relevant content according to your products and share it on official channels

5. Impeccable Customer Support

Digital transformation in the customer's department makes it easy during the COVID to accomplish flawless customer support at the company's end.

Yes, most of the customer support employees indeed do remote work on a regular basis. However, by using digital tools now, any firm can make sure that their clients and customers are still getting clear and precise replies of their customer complaints related queries.

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation is inevitable for businesses to cope with the current COVID 19 situation. Only by assuring the automated online solutions, these methods can increase their profitability and seamless deliverance of required services.

Digital transformation during the current pandemic is the key to the survival of a business. If your business is also going through the process of digital transformation, make sure that you strictly adhere to the points and tips mentioned above.

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