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             23 February, 2024

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How to expand your business with Catalog Management Software and a Central Repository ?

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2023-12-22 12:03:49     
Article by Sreejith Angamuthu

Have you reached a stagnant point in your business and feel you need to innovate to achieve success? Does the expansion of your business feature in your scope of innovative ideas at the moment?

If yes, then you would need to put in some features to overcome your present challenges. Businesses across the world are all changing their structure to be more visible in this digital age. Making the most of the digital tools available is what has made a major difference in the success of most businesses.

Let’s see how certain digital tools are key in bringing about your business expansion success.

The First step to conversion
Any venture that wants to get online needs to be converted into an e-Commerce business. You need your products to be showcased to the world through a single point. This will be your website. Changing from a brick-and-mortar store to an online business means that you can no longer showcase your products physically.

With the help of Catalog Management Software, digitizing your business is quite easy and uncomplicated. Premium software tools from Questudio like MarketStudio have all the inbuilt tools that make your business transition easy.

Central Repository
Even though you will find several catalog management software in the market today, it is essential that you get the right one for your business. A central repository created in MarketStudio is a key difference you will notice from other software.

Expansion of a business would require all your offices and your products to be centrally located online so that retrieval of any information becomes quick and easy. This crucial element in the construction of your online product management system brings about a positive change.

Using the MarketStudio software, it is very easy to upload all information about your products into a central repository. This repository can be detailed so that your customers can get every possible information regarding any product or product category.

While creating the central repository, attributes like name, color, images (from all possible angles), dimensions, weight, price, etc. can be entered into the system. This means that at any possible time, any employee retrieving information will find the most recent data about the product. Any updates on the product information can be easily done through the catalog management software while keeping the information consistent and reliable.

This process is seen as the cornerstone of your business survival as it is this consistent data in the central repository that is then uploaded onto your business website for e-Commerce.
When a customer checks out your e-Commerce site for purchasing your products it is not in the physical form. This is the reason why every minute information that you are able to provide to the customer helps in them making an informed choice. This leads to better sales, higher trust, loyalty as well as increased customer base through word-of-mouth marketing.

E-Commerce features
Another feature of the Catalog Management software is the provision of payment gateway and cart options. Customers today want all possible payment options with easy to use and secure payment gateway. With the help of MarketStudio, this option is easy to create for your website.

Showcasing your products to every potential customer is paramount to success. Use the multi-channel marketing solutions that are available in MarketStudio to easily and quickly create stunning catalogs and publish them over social media, print, PDF, messages, notifications, pop-ups, etc.

When a buyer benefits from your improved e-Commerce site, it automatically improves your sales figures. So choose the right catalog management software for your business and steer it in the right direction.

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