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             26 June, 2022

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Dark Poetry From The Heart

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2011-01-17 00:41:32     
Article by Nathaniel Patt

Many poets write dark poems. Dark poetry can be written based on various reasons. The reasons can be caused by confidence issues, relationships, friendships, health, belief, views and other things. Some poets may write dark poems without the intent to.

Writers often have low self-esteem issues. Writers can have confident issues when it comes to approaching the opposite sex, learning about new things, speaking in front of a group of people and standing up to other people. A lot of times when a man is interested in a girl that he's attractive to he will not approach the woman because of low confidence. This can cause him to write dark poems about girls. When it comes to learning new things school can be tough for some students which can cause them to have low confidence. Because of this the student may write dark poetry about how they feel about school. Public speaking can also be based off an individual's confidence of an individual. If an individual is afraid of public speaking it can cause them to reveal those deep emotions through dark poems.

Not all writers have faith in God. Sometimes non believers of God will challenge a believer's faith which can come in the form of a dark poem. Non believers may also attack God directly through their poetry. In many cases this can be because of the lost of a loved one.

Most families that grow up together know just about everything about each other from spending so much time together. But the one thing that they might not know about each other is the feelings that they have deep inside of them that they might never reveal. When these emotions are negative they can cause extreme dark poetry to be created.

An individual's friend can be a major influence on the person and the friend may not even know it. Things said, actions and expressions from a person's friend can cause them to write dark poems. The poem could even include the name of the individual's friend.

When a person has an issue with their health it can create bad emotions. The health issues could be life threatening, a disability or other health issue. When emotions from these areas of health become negative the writer may write a poem from those feelings.

All people do not have the same view on things of the world. An individual that believes in the word of God from the Holy Bible most likely does not support same sex marriage while an individual who does not believe in the word of God may support same sex marriage. When writers dislike the views of other people it can often cause them to write dark poems.

Dark poetry without a doubt is a negative type of poetry. It can be created behind fear, jealousy, hate, envy and many other emotions. Not all people write dark poems. This style of poetry can often be quickly identified from the start of a poem. A lot of poems of this type may never be read by another person besides the individual who wrote the poem. In this case most likely it may be written in a diary or notebook. Writers often write dark poems online at poetry websites and social websites.

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