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             25 March, 2023


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Dark Poetry From The Heart (Popularity: )
Many poets write dark poems. Dark poetry can be written based on various reasons. The reasons can be caused by confidence issues, relationships, friendships, health, belief, views and other things. Some poets may write dark poems without the intent to. Writers often have low self-esteem issues. Writers can have confident issues when it comes to approaching the opposite sex, learning about new things, speaking in front of a group of people ...

New Emergence (Popularity: )
Several questions emerge in mind and invade It makes me little nervous before they fade Sometimes it is said idle mind is devil's workshop This all takes its shape when you prove to be super flop It may matter less if you on last leg of your journey Life is out lived and there is no lust for fame or money You can afford to turn back to old memory and ...

What Swarms Eventually Scatters (Popularity: )
What swarms eventually scatters. What says 'What?' comes from having been touched to the ground roughly smooth by both Birth and the worthiness of that breathing Void whose lungs are cargo planes for famine, flaming torches held by cave painters and the cold metal smell of having chiseled all day long on a shadow who would not hold still. Plunging his vision into a sliding door's glass filled with yellow meat-bees. Witnessing again the stray cat that needs worm pills. The picnic ...

How Can an Artificial Intelligent Computer Write Decent Poetry - Is it Possible? (Popularity: )
If you were to ask folks who love poetry if an artificial intelligent computer may someday write decent poetry, most likely they would be intrigued with the idea, but also find the concept highly unfortunate. Why? Because folks who write and love poetry equate it to human emotion, living and feeling and since a computer is not alive in the sense we think of life and since it cannot feel ...

From Inside an Open Grave - My Lily Did Escape (Popularity: )
Lily opened her eyes from sleeping lest death take her ore and rob her of her own breath. this grave opened up toward hope. Remembering all in conflict wound or victory thus Lily spoke: "Let me be a snowflake drift in the wind connect with the atmosphere. Solace solace floating till I reach another wound past this one. This one is too hard. Healing. Let me know that space no one around freedom to dance over oceans feet never even touching its liquid whispers at all. Yes I want to fly that high. I don't care what ...

Oh Kauai, Hawaii Forever Be - Keep it Green For Future Generations (Popularity: )
This is my 'keep it green' proclamation, of sorts, for the Hawaiian Islands. The island of Kauai is being overbuilt, for such a tiny island. This poem notes what progress brings, and part of the destruction that can happen, because of our thoughtless march toward what we consider to be progress. Embrace these fragile resources, that have been left in our care. Let us remember to tread lightly, on the ...

I Want to Download Free Hawaiian Music - Hawaiian Music Lyrics & Aloha in My Mind (Popularity: )
I want to download free Hawaiian music download Aloha in my mind. I want to embrace those magical love songs Elvis is King Don Ho da kine. Bruddah IZ, "Facing the Future" singing "Over the Rainbow" and "Ua mau ke ea o ka ยปina i ka pono" Bruddah IZ, Hawaiian Supah-man he came and he blessed us and for Hawaii most firmly took a dedicated stand. Hawaiian music lyrics fill my heart with your joy forever loving these islands the taro and the poi. "The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness" Children of the aina taking a ...

Stillness Speaks, Unlocking the Power of Presence (Popularity: )
Stillness speaks Quiets my soul to keep Frees me to not think That's right, no thinking Oops, are you thinking? I know it's hard to stop Since the mind is persisting It seems to continuously Be fighting and resisting Precious sacred solitude The power of presence Captivating effervescence Intoxicating aliveness Invigorating in stillness An irony that stumps us In a society that says do In a culture pressuring you To always perform and act. How pleasant it truly is To withdraw from all that Sit quietly and meditate Go within and ...

Faith = Prejudice (Popularity: )
I believe I just want to believe So I Believe. What else is there, everybody believes? I can believe anything that I want to believe. I'm not fake, I have common sense And I'm not like everyone else. I have never seen what I believe, but it's not fake. How do I know? Because I believe. Logic, reason, yeah, yeah, I have those But I can believe what I want to believe. What I want is what is true It's true because ...

Christopher Okigbo - Looking Back at His Short-lived Life and Taking Stock of His Poetic Legacy (Popularity: )
Christopher Ifekandu Okigbo one of the earliest Nigerian poets, who within his short lifetime, for he died fighting for the independence of Biafra, established himself as a central figure in the development of modern African poetry,has remained one of the most important African poets to write in English. Generally acknowledged as a master poet in spite of a complexity drawn from obscure allusions and symbolism, he has even been named ...