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             02 March, 2021

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The Family At Christmas

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2008-01-12 02:48:24     
Article by William Muncrief

There is nothing more precious nothing more dear
Than God's gift of your family year after year
Each member is priceless far beyond compare
So gifted so talented quite unique and rare
Family at Christmas is much more than you see
More than the lights shining the gifts or the tree
Its time to look back on our gift from above
The purest conception of faith hope and love
The most beautiful baby was born as foretold
In himself was the gift for all young and old
He grew he gave all with nothing held back
He was pure he was good ran the race right on track
He ran the race at such an incredible cost
Knowing his victory would win the family he lost
Our Jesus the savior our brother our friend
Our family head and our hope till the end
Let's all live as Jesus with all that he gives
Remember love first because Jesus still lives

It really is important that people of today realize the necessity of unity, not only within the family, but as a race. When we are easily offended by a persons religion or beliefs, we open the door to calamity and strife.

There is so much information today that it can be overwhelming. You can find material, to credit or discredit just about anything, you can write your own story and convince yourself of its authenticity. Unfortunately that is what people do with the stories of great men such as Jesus.

Who ever he was, he left an indelible mark on history that has lasted for two thousand years. That is incredible, since he was just a blue collar worker of the time, who had become a vagrant preacher. Who can know the truth of this man that history cannot erase.

We know he wasn't born any where near Christmas, probably in the fall. We know that people have waged wars in his name even though he stood for peace. We know that the religions who supposedly believe in his teachings, only believe in their religions. We know these things because they are discoverable through recorded history, and present day actions. The one thing that we cannot discover is how this man from such a humble station in life could affect so many people for so long.

I believe that Christmas, even though it is not the real birthday of Jesus, is the perfect time to celebrate the gift of benevolence. Any, and all holiday's with such an underlying meaning should be. Maybe it is even time to make a new holiday.

No matter what you believe about Jesus, his truth rises above the hypocrisy of religion. Faith, hope, and love are the keys to our survival as a species. Love being the greatest of all.

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