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             28 September, 2023

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Frontierville Help - Why Leveling Fast Requires You To Have A Social Strategy

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2010-09-22 08:56:08     
Article by Simon Smarts

Everyone needs a little Frontierville help to master the game and reach level 100. Some people need help with game basics and understanding the interface. Others need help figuring out strategies and tricks to level up quicker in less time. And everyone needs help from their friends and neighbors to rack up more coins and experience points and for completing quests and collections. Frontierville truly is a "social" game.

Released on June 09, 2010 by Zynga, Frontierville has become the next big thing on Facebook. Preceded by mega hits like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, Zynga's newest creation is even more fun, more addicting, and more challenging. Learning how to play Frontierville is easy enough, but playing it at a superstar level is an entirely different story.

One of the biggest tips for mastering the game is to seek out help from your neighbors. Hire them to do jobs for you. Visit their frontiers and work on their land for them. You'll earn reputation points and will be able to collect more and better bonuses as you advance in reputation levels.

You can also earn coins and experience by watching for their game updates on your Facebook wall feed. Stockpile hard to find items like apple pies, ribeyes, and arrowheads, and use them to trade your neighbors for the items you need to finish off quests and collections. Without relying on your neighbors for help, you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Next, remember that quick crops don't always equate to the best crops. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to rely on quick crops like clover and tomatoes for earning coins. Unless you are able to be on your computer 24/7, these crops simply aren't profitable. It's too much work for too little return. Instead, focus on crops that return huge coin rewards like cotton and peanuts.

They may take a few days to mature for harvest, but if you learn to stagger your crops when you plant them, then you'll have a constant feed of coins pouring into your account every single day. As your frontier grows, simply expand and continue to increase the number of coins you collect every day.

Focus your time and energy on completing quests and collections and use whatever Frontierville help you have available to do so. These are the big earners for you in both coins and experience. Your neighbors can play key roles in helping you finish these. For example, if you need a ribeye and aren't getting any from your own oxen, then harvest your neighbor's oxen and increase your chances of getting one.

Also, get good at finding and collecting hard to find items. These can be things like apple pies, ribeyes, arrowheads, and eggs for the collect a dozen eggs collection. People are constantly having problems completing quests and collections that require these items, so if you have them, then you'll always have trade bait to get the things you need to advance quickly in the game.

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