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World of Warcraft Guide - AOE Grinding With a Paladin

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2010-09-29 07:35:28     
Article by Carmine Grossi

The paladin is a very versatile class, they have strong armour, strong attacks, de-cursing abilities, and healing. They are the perfect hybrid class and one of the most important in the game right now. Another thing that makes them great is the ability to AOE grind. Currently, only warlocks, hunters, and frost mages are the only other classes which are able to do this. The paladin has a great advantage over these other classes though, that if done right, paladins have no downtime when using this method to level.

A few things are required to prepare your paladin for AOE grinding. First of all, it is recommended that you don't start choosing your talent build for this until you reach level 40. It is possible to do use this method before level 40 but to use it to its maximum potential wait until you do. Talents for this method are in the protection tree so make sure you spec into that. The main required skills your paladin needs are blessing of sanctuary, righteous fury, retribution aura, seal of light or wisdom (depending on if you need more mana or health), consecration, and holy shield. You will also want to stick a shield spike onto your shield.

Now, how to put this plan into action.

Start off by finding an area with quite a few mobs that are your level or slightly lower. Now, put your retribution aura on, and bless yourself with sanctuary. Your next step is to run into the group of mobs and get about 4 or 5 after you, then cast consecration to start dealing extra damage. If you start running low on health judge your seal of light to regain health points. Holy shield will increase your block and also reflect holy damage so use this to your advantage.

After some practise you will have no problem doing this and you can even pull in more mobs at once. If some enemies run away to grab more mobs just let them come as you will most likely be able to take them and you won't have to do any running around.

That's it! A very easy to use method but very effective as well. You can use this to level faster or even farm enemies for an item you may need.

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