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How to Play Video Games

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2010-05-31 08:01:21     
Article by Frank Paiano

"How do you play a video game?"

To play a video game, you first need to go into your local video game store, whether it be a supermarket, toy store, electronics store, or a video game store, and look around at the latest consoles. You find one, and decide to buy it. Great! You are at the first step. Now, you have the necessary means to play a video game, but you don't have a game to play. To complete the second step, you need to search for the game the game you want to play.

However, this can be tricky! When picking out a video game, you need to make sure you are buying a game that is right for your system. "But I see the game is here and it's cheaper" you may wonder. Yes, it would be nice to be able to pick up what you want, but that's not always going to help you. Because if you buy the wrong game, take it home and open it up, and find out it doesn't work, you won't be able to return it because most places nowadays will not return games that have been opened! This is how to complete step two on how to play a video game.

When browsing around the games, make sure it is made for the system you are buying. If you are buying for your kids, make sure the game has a rated "E" rating, meaning this game is playable for everyone. These games usually have the less violence in them and is suitable for younger viewers. Secondly, make sure you have enough controllers to play your favorite game that you decided to buy. To do this, just look at the back of the game and it will usually tell you what controllers you need and how many players it can play up to. Some systems have multiple kinds of controllers, while other just use your basic gamepad. A gamepad is a controller that has buttons where you can use to have your character jump, shoot, or move the character across the screen. These buttons are usually in a shape of a plus, having arrows that point up, down, left and right. Once you've found the video game you want to play, purchase it and take home with your new system!

Congratulations, you have completed step 2! Step 3 now consists of taking the newly purchased gaming console and game to your house and plugging it in to play it. Most systems can hook up to a standard TV, although some of the newer systems will look better on a high-definition (HD) TV. HD TV's are generally not needed for gameplay, but they are nice to have!

Now basically to play a video game you have to hook it up some how. Sometimes systems have the cables to plug it in to your TV, but if they don't, an RCA jack will do the trick. RCA jacks are used to plug your system into the TV, and after that you just have to plug in an AC/DC cable into the wall outlet and your ready to go!

You have completed step 3 on how to play a video game. Step four is the fun part! If you plugged your system into a standard TV, you just have to make sure the TV is on channel 3 and then put in your game into the gaming console and your game should be ready to go. HD TVs should be done the same way. Once you got your game plugged in, you are ready to start playing! You can either figure out how to play the game yourself (which is what I enjoy doing and usually do) or you can read the instructions that it comes with to find out what you have to do. However, I usually like to just figure out how to play on my own it is a lot more fun that way! I have done this with countless games and enjoyed every minute of it.

To find some great games to play be sure to check out Literallygaming.com. It is a new way to find games, and Literallygaming.com is here to stay.

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