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             25 September, 2021

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Diabetes Long Term Complications - Important Facts That You Should Know

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2010-07-20 06:52:04     
Article by Dr Andrew Napier

Diabetes is a disease which is related with the problem of blood sugar. If it is not controlled properly then it may result in various types of problems. Basically this problem is related with two types of problems or complications.

1. Short term complications
2. Long term complications

Short term complication is related with the problem of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis, and hyper-osmolar syndrome. In all these complications the patient must be aware of the signs, symptoms and also their solutions.

Long term complications is related with the problem of heart disease, neuropathy, kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, disease of the eyes and even more serious types of disease can attack a diabetic patient.

Some of an important long term complications -

1. The kidney disease is one of the main long term complications of type2 diabetes. This problem is also famous with the name of naturopathy. Delicate blood vessels of the Kidney filter the toxins from our body and when there is an excess glucose in the blood then it damages the delicate blood vessels. When these delicate blood vessels are unable to perform their job nicely then toxins can build up in the blood. It is associated with different sign and symptoms.

2. The complication of diabetes may result into a nerve disease called neuropathy. When some patients suffer from prolonged high blood then there is a high risk of developing neuropathy. If someone is suffering from diabetes for many years then also there is a risk of developing neuropathy. So in order to prevent neuropathy it is necessary to maintain blood glucose levels as normal as possible.

3. Protection of feet is also very important for the people suffering from the problem of diabetes. If patient is suffering from the problem of kidney disease then it means that he or she is suffering from nephropathy which causes numbness and tingling in your feet. If patient is suffering from the problem of cut or sore on his or her foot then there is an increase in the risk for infections in their feet.

4. Diabetic people are at higher risk to develop cataracts, another problem that is related with eye is called diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma etc. so proper care must be taken to care an eye of a diabetic people.

5. Diabetic people are at higher risk of developing heart disease also known as cardiovascular disease. They are like heart attack, stroke, blockage of blood vessels in the legs and feet which may lead to foot ulcers, infections and even loss of toe, foot, or lower leg.

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