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             08 February, 2023


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How Can a Diabetologist Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar Level? (Popularity: )
Managing diabetes can be challenging, but working with the best diabetologist in Madurai allows you to help you manage your diabetes and maintain your good health. According to the reports from the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes who are treated with insulin shots generally should see their doctor at least every three to four months. And, people who are taking pills to manage their symptoms of diabetes must get ...

Type 2 Diabetes - Diet Plans That Can Help Control Blood Sugar Levels and Your Weight! (Popularity: )
Type 2 diabetes or not, following a healthy, well-nourishing diet plan can never be over-emphasized. In fact, being a diabetic means that you need to follow a healthy eating plan so you can lower your blood sugar levels, and if you are overweight, help you to lose weight. There are so many diet plans claiming to be effective for the management and control of your blood sugar level. But, do you ...

Diabetes In Children (Popularity: )
One of the problems that we are dealing with as a society in general is diabetes. It used to be that this was a problem that was typically found in adults but with the diets that we tend to keep in the lifestyles that we live, it is becoming more and more prevalent for our children to have diabetes as well. That is why there is a great need for ...

Learn About Water And Diabetes (Popularity: )
Currently, diabetes is the second leading disease in the world especially in the USA. Water and diabetes are closely related to each other. Before we review the key that water holds, let's review diabetes and then how water naturally relates to diabetes. Generally, there are two common types of diabetes called as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. When a person's pancreas does not produce the required amount of insulin, the ...

Type 2 Diabetes - Do Diet Sodas Affect Your Self-Control As Well As Your Weight? (Popularity: )
Deferred gratification, the ability to forgo a small reward now to obtain a larger reward later, is an important element of self-control and, to some degree, this is an important mindset to have for anyone with Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of North Dakota have found that drinking diet soda undermines self-control, and ironically, may predispose Type 2 diabetics and dieters to eating too much and gaining weight... ...

Prevent Diabetes and Stay Healthy (Popularity: )
Maintain your weight. Try to lose about ten pounds and to maintain a healthy and normal weight for your age group. Losing even just a little bit of weight with a proper diet and exercise can keep your body in tip top shape and prevent diabetes. Exercise daily. If that means you need to start walking more places than you drive, opt for that in order to increase the number of ...

Diabetes Long Term Complications - Important Facts That You Should Know (Popularity: )
Diabetes is a disease which is related with the problem of blood sugar. If it is not controlled properly then it may result in various types of problems. Basically this problem is related with two types of problems or complications. 1. Short term complications 2. Long term complications Short term complication is related with the problem of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis, and hyper-osmolar syndrome. In all these complications the patient must be aware ...

Diabetes and Foot Problems - The Importance of Prevention (Popularity: )
There are many reasons why diabetes and foot problems tend to occur together. High blood sugar levels damage the nerves and impair circulation, making it more difficult to heal. This does not mean that you are stuck having to deal with the foot complications of diabetes when they come. There are many different things that you can do to prevent the development of foot complications and keep your feet healthy. The ...

Diabetic Cake Recipes and Diabetes Management? (Popularity: )
Diabetes is a serious disease and must be managed under proper medical advice on a day to day basis. But that does not mean you can not try diabetic cake recipes, enjoy life and satisfy your sweet tooth. One good thing about this disease is, it can be managed by the person who has it, so you can have all sorts of sweet desserts and at the same time keep ...

Weight Loss and Diabetes (Popularity: )
There is no doubt that the further you look into diabetes the more complex the situation can become because weight loss and diabetes are prevalent in very different ways. It is the very fact that obesity has a very strong link to diabetes which is causing concern around the world but diabetic weight loss is also another issue which needs to be considered and appreciated. Diabetes There is a direct link between ...