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             08 December, 2021

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Special Cases and Prerequisites for Updating to SharePoint 2010

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2010-06-21 08:00:36     
Article by Richard Tyler

When planning for a migration to SharePoint 2010, certain case scenarios and test studies must be kept in mind to perform a smooth upgrade. Some of the most common special cases and pre requisites like SQL Server, Operating System, authentication method, large data, WSS 3.0 and IDN support are listed in the article below that can help you in performing a successful SharePoint 2010 Migration.

At times, when you are updating your existing SharePoint installation to a faster and more secure SharePoint 2010, you may face different upgrade scenarios that can affect the overall update process. Blow is a list of the major special case scenarios that you must look into before performing an in-place or database-attach upgrade. These include but are not limited to:

SQL Server 32 Bit - 64 Bit

As a prerequisite of SharePoint 2010 server, you must have your databases transferred to a 64-bit version of SQL Server. It is recommended that you perform your SQL server migration before you begin the SharePoint update process. This approach has certain benefits including performance and fault-tolerance. You have two options available to migrate your database server.

You can perform a full backup on your existing database which will copy your entire database that you can restore later. Apart from being a recommended and fail-safe method, you do not have to perform any manual operations on the Share Point 2010 server except run the restore procedure.

You can also move your new database to a new SQL Server 64-bit installation. In this option, you must first add a new 64-bit version of SQL Server and then manually point every new SharePoint 2010 server to the location of new SQL server.

32 Bit - 64 Bit Operating System

In order to update your existing server farms running on a 32-bit version of operating system to a 64-bit version, you must adopt a phased approach. The phased approach includes adding the new 64-bit servers to the server farm and then removing the 32-bit servers from the farm. This technique not only mitigates the service downtime but also gives you enough testing time to successfully complete your update and test all possible scenarios.

Forms-Based Authentication Environment

After migration your SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010; your authentication method is automatically converted to legacy or Windows Login-based authentication. If your SharePoint is already using Windows-Based authentication, the no further changes are required and your web applications will work fine. However, if your web applications are using Web SSO based or form-based authentication, you may need to make additional configuration changes to make this work.

In order to use your SharePoint 2007 based web applications in SharePoint 2010, you must first convert to claims-based authentication. Once you have converted to claims-based authentication, web application zones should be configured to web SSEO or form-based authentication. You can finalize the process by migrating users and permissions from the Share Point 2007 server.

Large Databases

As a general rule of thumb, larger database with tens of gigabytes of data take longer to migrate. However, complexity of the to-be-migrated data plays an important role in defining the overall time of migration. Connection problems also cause time-outs during data migration. However, these types of issues that commonly occurred in Share Point 2007 have been fixed in SharePoint 2010.

Upgrading from WSS 3.0

If you are upgrading from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, you must use a database-attach upgrade option to successfully migrate the content databases to Share Point 2010 successfully.


Internationalized Domains were only supported in SharePoint 2007 and this support has now been withdrawn in SharePoint Server 2010. If you are using IDNs in your existing SharePoint Server 2007, you must delete their configurations and related settings before migrating to SharePoint 2010.


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