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             27 June, 2022

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Pre-Birth Care

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2010-02-19 21:59:21     
Article by Adetunji Adegbite

Pre-birth care is necessary in a whole wide range of life, in human beings, when a woman is pregnant, she needs the support of an experienced health officer which could be composed of a team of different specialists which may consist of a gynecologist, a psychologist and even a physiotherapist. The woman is monitored right from the first day of pregnancy to her delivery date.

Oftentimes, this takes a lot of financial resources and even time resources. This is because tests like ultrasound scan, expensive food diet prescription and even exercise that will make the mother keep fit and keep the baby in the correct position. Looking at the nutritional status, a pregnant woman before the stage of giving birth needs a good nutritional diet which will give a good combination of the appropriate nutrition for the growth of the baby inside the womb. Classes of vitamins like A, B12 and C are required for strength for the woman for the period of child birth.

A pregnant woman, is expected to have her package for delivery which will consist of the few of her wears and those for the baby in case she goes into labour at an unexpected point. She could always send someone to get the packaged bag for her from wherever she keeps it..

Also pharmaceutical companies from their researches have been able to come up with medications and drug inventions that not only protects the baby but also keeps the baby from being infected in the process of birth. Some however do decide to take the risk of self medication and the use of their natural strength without consulting the appropriate quarters. This may be very deadly and dangerous.

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