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How to Eat Right During Your Pregnancy

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2010-03-04 05:45:24     
Article by Jesse Miller

If you are pregnant and wonder how to eat right during pregnancy, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind. After all, you will be eating for yourself and for your baby as well to provide it the nourishment it needs to grow over the years that it is in you. You will not be able to eat some of the foods that you enjoy eating but that won't last for too long. After all, you will be craving particular foods during the pregnancy anyway. Here are some tips that you can use if you are expecting a child.

Stay away from foods rich in Vitamin A - You may be wondering why this is but the fact is that Vitamin A can be dangerous to children especially when it is taken in very large amounts. You need to take the vitamin in safe amounts. If you are taking vitamin A in tablet form, do not eat foods with vitamin A already since this will give you a higher dose that can be dangerous for your unborn child.

Eat foods with Vitamin D - A lot of dairy products are rich in vitamin D and calcium and this is exactly what you need so that you can have a baby with strong bones and teeth. Make sure that you eat and drink four kinds of dairy products that are rich in calcium with each and every day that you are pregnant. There are also some calcium tablets that you can take for vitamin D doses that you need if you are not craving for the foods that have it.

Avoid certain drinks and food - You might have enjoyed it before your pregnancy but alcohol is not the best thing to drink if you are pregnant. This can lead to many birth defects. If you want to know how to eat right during pregnancy, stay away from alcohol, Listeria bacteria that can be found in milk and raw meat, and make sure to keep your caffeine intake at a minimum. You will also want to decrease the amount of fatty foods that you are eating to make sure you have a healthy baby and a healthy body as well.

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