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             15 April, 2021

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How to Choose Your Baby Boy by Natural Means

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2009-07-14 06:35:58     
Article by Kolawole Bisiriyu

Irrespective of the gender of the baby you want, you can actually determine the gender of the baby by natural means. That means that you will have to plan and put into action these natural methods and I am sure you will conceive the baby gender you desire.

I will be showing you how to conceive a baby boy using natural means.

1. Determine Your Ovulation Period

This is very important, you should be able to determine your ovulation period if it is a boy you want. The Shettles method recommends that you have sex as early as between 24 hours before ovulation and 12 hours after ovulation in order to increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

Having sex too far in advance to ovulation will dramatically decrease your chances of conceiving a boy. The timing of intercourse is important in relation to your ovulation and it remains a vital factor in increasing your chances of having a boy.

2. Timing Of Sexual Intercourse And Its Frequency.

The timing of intercourse is also not negotiable. As earlier stated, sexual intercourse should be 24 hrs before ovulation to 12hrs after ovulation. Reason is very simple; The less robust male sperm is able to reach the egg more quickly as a result of the less acidic cervical mucus present at ovulation.

3. Recommended Sexual Positions

To conceive a baby boy, deep penetration is required infact the "doggy style" is highly recommended. The will help the sperm deposited close to the cervix giving the quicker male sperm an edge to fertilising the egg first.

4. Orgasms During Sex

Orgasms during sex should be permitted as it helps to increase your chances of conceiving a boy. After orgasms the body produces substances that make the vaginal area alkaline. Sperm is moved up by contractions accompanying orgasms allowing the male sperm to quickly reach the egg for fertilisation.

If you can follow these activity outlined above, you will definitely know the gender of your next baby as a boy.
My concluding advice is that before sexual intercourse the man takes a caffeinated beverage so that the male sperm may be very active.

Choosing the gender of your baby is as easy as ABC. It doesn't matter who you are. Your age, status and wallet do not count and more importantly the number of children you already have. Here are the secrets that will make the picking of the gender of your baby like child's play and you getting the actual gender you desire.

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