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             08 December, 2022

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Small Thoughts From the Kitchen - Forgotten Appliances Revealed

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2010-02-10 05:04:04     
Article by Hilary Green

It is 9am on a weekday morning, the sun is shining (yay) and my thoughts, as ever, have turned to cooking. Since we moved house a few months ago, things I thought I had left in storage keep turning up and yesterday, when I was making my favourite loaf, mentioned in my article Wonders of the Internet, (which I have now also used to make a batch of bread rolls), I happened to open one of the top cupboards in the kitchen and Hey Presto, there was my trusty Food Steamer. I've been using the microwave since we moved, which is good, but not nearly as efficient, for most of my vegetable cooking. Also rice which, when dear hubby cooks it, has a tendency to go over the sides of the bowl and onto the cooking plate. By the way, I've found that just by adding a touch of oil to the rice, putting plastic wrap over the bowl and piercing the wrap 2 or 3 times, both rice (and vegetables) very tidily remain in the bowl where they should be.

Anyway, as I was saying before my thoughts so rudely interrupted me, I found my steamer and here I must say that I'm rather wonder if I'm just slightly obsessed with food and all things related, for what was the first thing I did this morning?

While searching steamers I came across an online page called Eat This and found an interesting article about the advantages of eating food that had been steamed. One of which is how many of the nutrients and enzymes are retained in the finished vegetables as opposed to other cooking options. Also of course, once you have loaded your steamer you can potter about with preparing the rest of your food and not have to worry about over or under-cooking your vegetables or rice. A little tip from that article when stir-frying food is to remove veges when almost cooked, then fry in a little olive oil and garlic. (For myself, I would probably also add a little soy sauce, possibly Sesame oil as well, to give that oriental flavour). This tip sounds really good to me, might try doing the same with rice as well as I remember hearing once that twice cooked rice makes the best fried rice. Amazing how and where ideas come from isn't it? I shall definitely have a go at fried rice with stir fried vegetables. Add a few shrimps or prawns and you have a very tasty meal that you have only had to use your steamer and a fry-pan to make.

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