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             19 January, 2022

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Chinese Lunar New Year Food

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2008-11-06 07:31:13     
Article by Keith Yao

The Chinese New Year falls in the months of January to February, depending on the year in question. The Chinese food that is served for New Year is the foods that are symbolic of fortune, luck and wealth. The most common foods are those that are traditionally associated with fortune for the coming year, such as oranges and uncut noodles.

Fish - Fish is a very traditional Chinese food that is served at the New Year, often for both the first and last course of the day. Fish is considered a food that will bring good fortune, and can be served in a variety of ways. The most common way of serving fish for Chinese New Year is to cook and serve the fish whole, with seasoning served on the whole fish.

Oranges and Tangerines - Oranges and tangerines are also very popular during the Chinese New Year. Oranges and tangerines can be eaten whole, or used in dishes such as Orange Glazed Chicken. If you are looking for an orange-infused accent for your favorite Chinese food dish, then you may want to try using an orange sauce on your New Year.

Chinese Dumplings - Chinese dumplings are also a favorite Chinese food that is served on New Year, symbolizing togetherness and blessings from heaven. The dumplings are typically filled with cabbage, mushrooms and a combination of pork and beef or chicken.

The great thing about Chinese dumplings is that you can choose the combination of vegetables and meats that your family likes best, as long as the seasonings are authentic. The seasonings for Chinese dumplings include sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce.

Eggs - Chinese food often contains eggs, whether scrambled directly into the meal, served whole, or simmered in a delicious stock for soup. Eggs are a symbol of fertility in traditional Chinese cooking, and they are also a great addition
to a Chinese New Year feast.

A beautiful and festive New Year's dish is made from whole eggs, which are hard boiled and then steeped in a mix of star anise, cinnamon, soy sauce and tea.

The hard boiled eggs are cooked and cracked before they are placed in the broth, which gives the eggs a wonderful cracked appearance once they have been peeled. The eggs can be eaten whole as a snack, or used a side dish for another part of the meal.

Sticky Rice Cakes - Rice is one of the most traditional Chinese foods, and is also one that is included in Chinese New Year's recipes. Sticky rice is made by using a Chinese Sticky Rice, which is sold in specialty stores. The traditional way to make sticky rice is to use a steamer, which allows the rice to cook without burning.

You can use sticky rice for a special Chinese food recipe that is used on New Year's to make a cake with fruits such as dates and cherries or papaya and pineapple. All you need to make the cake is some sticky rice, and the fruits that you want to use.

Keith Yao the author of Chinese Food Recipes, an online Chinese recipes and cooking website offering plenty of free Chinese New Year recipes and cooking tips.

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