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             26 October, 2021

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Tablet PC Revolution

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2010-01-16 07:01:12     
Article by Frieder Smith

In the computing world, year 2009 was the year of netbooks and mini laptops. Most of the traditional computing companies together with not so well companies came out with small computing devices within the range of 300-500$. Year 2010 on the other hand, is expected to be the year of tablet PCs. Mini Laptops are a category of laptops that are lighter and smaller than regular laptops and are not suitable for processing intensive applications like movie playing. Tablet PCs are more like mini laptops with touchscreen technology.

Few big companies like HP, Sony and lenovo have already disclosed there plans for Tablet PCs in CES(Consumer Electronics Show) 2010. Furthermore, Microsoft has put behind its weight on HP's model because it supports Windows 7 Operating System. Moreover, Apple is also rumored to come out with its own version of the device. This device is expected to be able to perform more complex computing as Apple would like the tablets to be used for normal computing requirements and not only for reading books or as a multimedia device.

Apple might use more complex finger gestures with the tablet, which would of course increase the learning time but might just do the trick of making the tablet PCs the main computer in the house.

2010 might also see companies launching various internet and consumer entertainment devices. This could include tablet PCs, some touch screen based mobile internet devices or some kind of smartphone or ebook readers. Overall the mobile internet device market would become more crowded. There would be lot of companies with different models of e-book readers, tablet PCs and smartphones, confusing the user much more. All this competition among companies might also prove to be a silver lining in the cloud as it would make sure that the prices of the new devices do not go through the roof. One thing is sure, that these technological inventions would have a definite shift in the way we work and manage our daily life. One of these technologies might also be the future of how we compute and communicate.

Starting with the HP TC1100 series, HP has launched a number of tablet PC's which are also known as Hybrids. These laptops are good for using in places where working with a mouse and keyboard is often difficult, e.g., when lying in bed. With a Tablet PC one does not need to worry about keyword versions for various languages. The only downside at the moment is the cost, which we can hope will reduce as competition in the segment increases.

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