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             29 September, 2020

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The Best Way to Build Muscle and Strength

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2009-09-08 02:25:25     
Article by Brad Grayson

In today's competitive environment, bigger is better. Bigger toys, bigger tools and bigger bodies. Strength and endurance can have great benefits both on and off the athletic field. Athletes have used basic techniques to build muscle and strength for decades and you can see the same results by following a similar exercise regime. It's important to set goals and track your results in order to stay motivated to reach your ultimate desire.

One thing that all athletes realize is that strength training and performance sports require a huge caloric intake. Bodies that are regularly stretched and pushed to their limits are expending a massive amount of energy and need to continually be refueled. In our bodies, food is fuel, so what you are eating is very important. While overall calories do matter, it's even more important to make sure that every calorie your body takes in is working for you. That means avoiding empty calories and focusing on whole foods, especially vegetables and fruits, whole grains and proteins. To build muscle and strength, you will also want to be eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, rather than three larger meals. This will insure that your body has a more consistent stream of energy, increasing your endurance.

After your diet, make sure your exercise plan is targeted to your desired results. Shorter, but more intense weight training sets have been shown to be more effective to build muscle and strength. Try to work all the different areas of your body throughout your session and also use different exercises on different days. Don't just do the same thing every day. Your body will eventually get used to the movements and stop growing as a result. Also, try to do just a little bit more every time you lift weights, pushing your limits to achieve greater muscle mass. Each day you should try to beat your own record, so to speak. Finally, don't forget to stretch and rest your muscles. Muscles that aren't stretched can become weaker and unable to recover. Higher incidences of injury are also likely.

It's also possible that you've considered supplementing to get better results. Keep in mind that this isn't a magic bullet. While there are definitely good supplements available, there's also many that are downright dangerous and even illegal. Avoid taking a supplement that hasn't been on the market and tested for at least two or three years. This is usually enough time for the effects to be known. Even a good supplement only works to build muscle and strength when used with a targeted diet and exercise plan. By following correct principles in your diet and training, you can see the results that you desire.

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