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             01 December, 2023

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Peyton Manning - 3 Tips to Rock Hard Abs

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2007-11-24 03:40:51     
Article by Eric Bonilla

I'm sure you've seen the commercial by now with Peyton manning giving a "HeartFelt" pep talk on the virtues of shirt shopping and abdominal training. Peyton goes on to say "If you're over 23 and not in the N.F.L buy bigger shirts and forget about rock hard abs".

Peyton Manning is probably right most people in America will need bigger shirts especially after the Holidays. The average weight gain for most Americans is about 7 to 10 pounds, that's enough to soften up even the best of abs. The weight gain starts with Halloween. and continues straight through to the New Year

Well, we're going to try and save you some money on shirt shopping and get you a pair of abs even if you're over 23 years old and not in the N.F.L

Here's 3 tips to Rock Hard Abs and Smaller Shirts

1. Eat Better- Plain and simple if you are eating "Super Sized" portions of fast food throughout the day culminating with a giant meal before you go to bed you are in for a bigger shirt size guaranteed. You must eat five to six small nutritious meals throughout the day spaced out every three to four hours consisting of a lean protein (chicken breast ,turkey breast, lean red meat, egg whites e.t.c.) Complex Carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, yams, e.t.c.) and a healthy fat (almonds, walnuts, ½ avocado, flax seed oil e.t.c.) Give this tip a try- You'll feel and look better.

2. Exercise- Yes you must move your body if you want abs and smaller shirts.

Exercise isn't just for those under 23. The most efficient way to train is performing full body workouts using muti- joint movements. This will ensure you are burning maximum amounts of calories as opposed to Bodybuilding workouts where muscles are isolated and calorie expenditure is minimal. Use Multi - joint movements and full body workouts and you can't go wrong.

3. Consistency- Last but not least is consistency. Eating well and exercising some of the time, while an improvement, won't bring rock hard abs and smaller shirts. You must stick to your diet and exercise program. There are many temptations to take you away from your goals but with hard work, and persistence, rock hard abs and smaller shirts can be yours - Guaranteed.

There you have it. "3 tips to Rock Hard Abs and Smaller Shirts". Let's Prove Peyton Manning wrong but remember small meals throughout the day, exercise using full body movements, and be consistent. Follow these tips to abs and smaller shirts and you're on your way. Good Luck!

Eric Bonilla has been a Fitness Professional for the last fifteen years. Eric owns and operates Premier Sport & Fitness, located in walnut, C.A. Eric works with athletes, seniors, and soccer moms, but specializes in helping kids stay fit and learn healthy lifestyles. His programs have helped literally hundreds of people lose body fat, achieve their goals on the sports field and learn strategies that will help them lead longer healthier lives.

Eric Bonilla
909 595 2670

Specialized in: Fitness - Sport Performance - Training - Workout
URL: http://www.premier-sport-fitness.com
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