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             27 November, 2020

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How To Get Six Pack Abs

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2007-09-25 12:21:38     
Article by David T Spencer

Knowing how to get six pack abs is one thing, but actually doing it is another thing entirely. You can study and learn everything about muscles, exercises, workouts and nutrition, but unless you actually put all that knowledge into practice, you may as well have not discovered how to get six pack abs.

When you first decide to get six pack abs, your immediate thought would be - how? Once you've found out how, it might suddenly seem like a little bit too much work, and so you put it off, or keep searching for some hidden secret that will show you how to get six pack abs overnight.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but there is no such secret. If there was, we'd all have six pack abs and the person who invented the secret would be very rich indeed! While there isn't a single food you can eat, exercise or gadget that will get you six pack abs, a few common sense pointers will help you on your way to looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

By now you've probably read a fair bit about getting a six pack, right? The authors will probably tell you that an expensive new gadget will shock you into having ripped abs in a few hours, or that a secret exercise will develop rippling muscles overnight. What the authors might not tell you is that instead of going for these silly fads, you should stick to a few simple principles.

1. In order for your six pack abs to show through, you must have a low body-fat percentage. By "low", I mean less than 10%, probably more like 5-8% but it varies from person to person. This is the number one secret of how to get six pack abs - lose as much of the body fat you're carrying around as possible. Once it's gone, your muscles will be able to show through on your stomach.

To lose weight and drop your body fat percentage, cut back on your daily calorie intake by eating less sugary, fatty and high carbohydrate foods, and do more cardio exercise. That means getting on the treadmill (or going for a jog through the park if you prefer), or doing some other high stress activity like swimming, badminton, squash, cycling and so on.

2. In order for your abs to actually look like a six pack, you must work out. Exercising your ab muscles is the second ultimate secret of how to get six pack abs. If you don't exercise your muscles, they'll never grow and they won't become neatly separated and well defined. They'll just be more of a "keg", or "one pack" instead.

That's it. Those two principles is all it takes, and that's how to get six pack abs. Of course, in the real world it's a little more complicated than that because you need to come up with an exercise routine that you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle and body, and you need to know which foods are right for a body fat loss diet, but in general as long as you stay slim and exercise your abs regularly, a six pack is not that far away.

If you're working on your six pack abs, you may be going about it all wrong and wasting your time and energy. David Spencer is a fitness fanatic, and has spent years learning about the best way to get six pack abs as fast as possible. He swears by The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Getting a six pack is actually down to a few very simple key principles that many people simply aren't aware of. Visit http://www.TheTruthAbout6PackAbs.com and make sure you're doing it right!

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