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Why You Should Use Attorney Resume Writers

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2009-04-21 09:02:42     
Article by Vanessa Vidal

As the economic downturn continues, an increasing number of attorneys and law students are competing for fewer positions - and everyone is feeling the squeeze. Attorneys and law students alike are looking for ways to make their legal resumes and cover letters stand out, but few know how to create a truly outstanding attorney resume. How about using a professional resume writer?

Creating a legal resume that works is not easy, which is why you should partner with a professional resume writer that specializes in your field. Legal resume writing services have proven success in writing attorney resumes that energize and shorten the job search cycle, and reflect all that you have to offer a potential employer .

The key to picking the right legal resume writing company is to look at their professional resume writers. Are they all former attorneys with decades of experience who know how to craft a winning legal resume? Do they work directly with you, in a personalized, collaborative process? Are their rates competitive? Do they work quickly and effectively? If the answers are 'yes," then you are probably looking at a professional legal resume writing service that can make a difference to your job search.

Just starting out your legal career? Whether you are searching for a summer associate or entry-level attorney position, your legal resume and cover letter should set you apart in a job pool filled with candidates with similar backgrounds. Even if you only have internship experience, a well-crafted legal resume can impress a hiring manager with evidence of your commitment and strength of character. A professional resume writer that specializes in legal and attorneys resumes can work with you to translate your work, internship, and educational experience into a legal resume that will get you noticed.

Looking to make a transition? The competition for mid level attorney positions can be challenging, and candidates who obtain interviews are typically those with the most impressive professional legal resume and professional legal cover letter. You need a well-crafted attorney resume that effectively synthesizes your years of legal experience, skills, and work history to convince the most selective employers that you are the right candidate for the position. To obtain the competitive advantage you need, it is best to use a professional resume writer to craft your legal resume. A professional legal resume writer can create an attorney resume and cover letter package that will truly set you apart.

Looking for a new opportunity? At this stage of your career, you are competing against other experienced and accomplished attorneys who are submitting exceptional attorney resumes and cover letters to potential employers. The task of boiling down several years of legal experience into a clear and concise resume can be challenging. You need a legal resume that effectively showcases your qualifications, accomplishments, experience, special skills and education in a hard-hitting and compact presentation. A professional resume writer can work with you one-on-one to create a legal resume and cover letter package that will command attention and set you apart from the competition.

Legal resume writing companies are created to assist attorneys at all levels - from law students to experienced attorneys - create job-winning attorney resumes and cover letters that deliver results. Professional resume writers can work with you to create attorney resumes and cover letters that effectively showcase your qualifications, accomplishments, experience, special skills and education in a hard-hitting and compact presentation to convince the most selective employers that you're the right candidate for the job. Give them a try!

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